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The End of the Financial Year

The end of the financial year is always a busy time, it’s when we take stock, both of our products and our finances. We take a solid look back at the year in review, while planning and budgeting for the upcoming year. The good

Light up your landscape

Solar lights that are perfect for your garden Beauty or security? Many feel that with security lights in their garden, it may dim the beauty of a well-kept garden. It may seem impossible but you can have the security element while maintaining a beautiful

How to keep your home safe and secure in winter

Keep intruders at bay during winter If you’re a commercial or residential property owner, then you know the importance of keeping your property safe. Yet, many people use the same security measures during winter months. It’s not the wrong method, but you should be

Solar Security Lights

Shining a light on solar lighting

Solar lights provide security and illumination in needed areas, and by installing lights on your commercial property, it safeguards you against potential burglaries. The neighbouring premises have recently installed solar security lighting. You notice that their building is well lit and there is ample

Improve security with solar landscape lighting

Effective outdoor lighting is a critical for the safety of your home, office or factory. Security lighting used to be costly and require a fair bit of maintenance to ensure that all lights were working all the time. Now you can secure your premises

Solar Security Lights

10 Benefits of Commercial Solar Security Lights

Solar power lighting and business security All around the world, solar power lighting sources are gaining more and more popularity, as they are perceived as a reliable, effective and sustainable power source. In most cases, we talk about solar street lights that aid in

Solar & Electric Lighting: Which is better?

What are the differences between solar security lights and traditional lighting? Solar lighting is growing in popularity as people become more environmentally conscious. However, conventional electric lighting is a tried and tested lighting option, utilised for decades. In order to make a decision between

The gist of solar street lighting

All you need to know about solar street lighting Everyone is making the switch to off-the-grid power. Renewable energy solutions have increased in popularity amongst the residential, industrial and commercial sectors around the world. Governments are also taking more of these energy-efficient solutions on

Solar Light Bollards

Light your garden, walkway or public area with solar powered bollard lights When it comes to solar lighting, it seems like it has been around forever but has still not quite arrived. It seems to be one of those things we read and hear

Using convex mirrors for safety & security reasons

From stores to street corners the convex mirror has a variety of uses The word convex means to curve outwards. So when light comes into contact with a convex mirror or surface, the light is spread out, making these types of mirrors exceptionally useful

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