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Benefits of commercial solar security lights

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Using the sun to power your security lighting

Securing your office space, warehouse, factory or retail shop can be an expensive business. That’s why more and more business owners are installing solar powered lights for their security lighting requirements.

There are a number of benefits to using solar power for your security lighting needs. Once you realise the advantages of going solar, there is no going back, both from a business and an environmental perspective.

What are these benefits?

Save money

While the costs of setting up a solar lighting system might be expensive, the amount of money you will save in the long run, as well as the reduced impact on the environment, will far outweigh these initial installation costs. Solar power is a medium to long term investment, which will benefit both you and the environment. With many commercial premises requiring extensive lighting to secure their premises, going solar is the reliable and cost-effective solution.

Make money

In addition to saving you money, if you install a large enough solar system and generate more energy than you require, you’ll be able to sell that excess energy back to the grid.

More reliable

Solar systems do not rely on the electricity grid for power and therefore, are not susceptible to power outages caused by maintenance requirements, extreme weather or any other disruptions that the grid is susceptible to.

Low maintenance

Solar systems require far less maintenance than regular electrical lighting. LED lights are more efficient, durable and robust than normal lights meaning they need to be replaced less frequently.


Solar panels harvest the sun’s energy, turning it into electricity. These systems have proven themselves as a more efficient and quieter solution than the hum of coal and diesel powered energy.

Easy installation

While the initial cost of buying and installing solar panels can be expensive, the process of installing them is relatively simple. Because there is no need to connect to the grid, you do not need to dig trenches or prepare complicated electricity installations, especially if there is no existing infrastructure.


When you need to install security lighting at premises that may be some distance from the closest electrical line, it can be costly and time consuming. Solar systems do not rely on the grid and can be installed as a standalone system without any connection to a traditional power supply.


Because solar lighting uses LED lights, the system can withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures. This makes them far more reliable than regular lighting, which is especially important for remote locations, which are hard to reach in an emergency.


Solar lighting allows you more options for your lighting needs, including the ability to programme your lights to switch on and off at certain times, or to activate your lighting via a motion sensor system.

Solar-powered LED lights can also be used to light commercial garages with low energy fluorescent lights or using ultra-low energy LED bulbs that shine with an ultra-bright light with just a few watts of power.


Solar lighting is portable can be installed anywhere quickly and easily, and can be uprooted and relocated with similar ease if need be.

Environmentally friendly

The sun is an unlimited clean power source. The more businesses that use this clean and unlimited energy source, the less impact on our fragile eco-system. Coal is a major contributor to global warming and air pollution, the less we rely on it, the quicker we move towards a cleaner environment for us all.

Secure a bright future for your business with solar powered security lighting that will save you money, last you longer, be more effective and reduce your company’s reliance on traditional energy sources.

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