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Solar power lighting and business security

All around the world, solar power lighting sources are gaining more and more popularity, as they are perceived as a reliable, effective and sustainable power source. In most cases, we talk about solar street lights that aid in reducing our reliance on the national power grid.

But during the past few years, solar power lighting has increased in popularity due to its many applications becoming more evident in everyday life. Many businesses now opt for securing their office spaces, warehouses, factories and retail shops with solar powered security lights with motion sensors. Installing solar powered lights, significantly reduces the business expenses, while protecting the environment and providing a more reliable security system.

There are various benefits to using solar power for security lighting, which we guarantee will make you opt for a solar power lighting security system today. We have listed some of the core advantages of going solar for both your business and the environment around you!

Benefits of commercial solar security lights

  1. Cost effectiveness

One of the most important benefits of solar security lights lies in its cost-effectiveness due to the fact that it is a natural, unending source of energy. Even though the initial cost of setting up a solar lighting system might seem too expensive, the overall amount of money saved in time, will definitely outweigh the initial installation cost.

Hence, solar power systems represent a long-term investment, which will protect the environment, while it reduces maintenance costs for your security systems. No matter the type of business, space or complexity of the security system, opting for solar powered lights is a cost-effective solution that will support your business by diminishing power costs.

  1. Competitive price when compared to alternatives

Consider the fact that you are choosing to install a couple of solar powered led flood lights, an innovative piece of technology that will allow you to save money when it comes to energy consumption over time. Another beneficial aspect of your installed solar power system, is the fact that nowadays solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuel, which is why your initial investment into solar energy will be returned at a rapid rate.

  1. Alternative business idea

What is even more interesting, is that by using a commercial solar system you can set up an eco-friendly business in addition to your existing one. In other words, if you purchase and set up a larger solar system, you will be able to generate more energy than required. Thus, you can consider selling the excess energy back to the grid.

  1. Well grounded, dependable energy source

One of the most important problems a business can face is an outage. This can lead to delays related to your business inquiries or shipment requests, warehouse malfunctions even a closed shop, depending on the nature of your business.

Today it is simple to avoid those inconveniences due to the well-grounded characteristics of a solar system. It does not rely on the power grid, which means those systems are not susceptible to outages due to diverse factors such as maintenance requirements, extreme weather malfunctions or any other type of disruption a grid might be exposed to.

  1. Lower maintenance costs

Other benefits of solar powered security lights are, of course, represented by lower maintenance costs. These eco-friendly systems require less maintenance when compared to normal electrical lighting systems. Solar powered led lights are more efficient, durable and sustainable, which simply put signifies the fact that you will have to replace things less frequently than is the case with power grid related systems.

  1. Easy to install

In addition to the maintenance costs, another advantage is that solar security systems are easy to install due to the fact that you will not have to manage connecting the system to the grid or set up difficult electricity installations. This is another cost-effective aspect because the installation cost will also be absorbed in time.

  1. Longer lifespan

Both commercial and domestic home security lights stand out due to their longer lifespan. This happens because of the usage of LED lights that allows the entire system to withstand shock, vibration or extreme temperatures, without malfunctions. Due to its durability and smart technology, the solar powered LED lights have with a lifespan up to 100,000 hours!

  1. Scalability and flexibility

Solar powered security lights allow you to programme the mentioned lights to switch on or off at certain times, while the possibility of using a solar powered motion sensor is also to be considered. These LED lights can be used for both small and large businesses depending on the specific requirements for each.

As an example, solar powered LED bulbs are great for small, dark spaces such as a garages and they can offer ultra-bright light by using just a few watts of power. On the other hand, for larger businesses, using such systems can allow the coordination of proper electricity usage, while diminishing both electrical bills and maintenance costs.

Hence, the systems can be used at almost any scale due to its flexibility at harnessing the power of a large power source like the sun.

  1. Portability and effectiveness

Solar lighting security systems are portable and can be installed anywhere quickly and easily, and can be uprooted and relocated with similar ease if need be. So, if you are searching for an eco-friendly, cost-effective and re-usable energy source system, buying a solar powered security light system might be the best choice for you!

  1. Eco-friendly energy system

Thinking about our planet`s future is a must, for everyone. Which is why more and more businesses tend to redirect their attention to eco-friendly energy systems. Reducing our carbon footprint should be everyone`s concern, especially for businesses that use vast amounts of energy.

A clean energy source with no carbon emissions can be achieved by implementing LED lights systems into your business, which will diminish carbon and support a more sustainable world. In other words, installing a solar powered security system, might be a leading example for those around you, an important signal of awareness towards the drastic climate changes we experience in the world today.

Considering these ten beneficial aspects of commercial solar security lights and you can secure a bright future for your business with solar powered lightning that will support the eco-friendly approach, while providing a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable energy source for your business requirements, when compared to traditional energy sources.

Would you like to see our solar security products or learn more by consulting with one of our professionals, we are more than happy to help you save money and the environment.

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