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Line Marking

Bollard Shop started from humble beginnings, yet it managed to grow rapidly and to become the national go-to team of professionals when it comes to line marking car parks for commercial purposes or highways line markings.

Our success comes from the commitment towards our projects, as we take pride in our willingness to listen and react to our clients’ needs. We outline your individual project accordingly to your requirements and focus on delivering practical, cost-effective and timely solutions.

In addition, to underline our commitment to our projects, we concentrate on only using top-quality products, along with the latest technological equipment that is available on the market.

Top Quality Line Marking Services.

The BollardShop team offers the highest quality line marking services for clients throughout Australia, as our highly skilled team will fulfil all job specifications with the utmost care and professionalism.

We can install paint or thermoplastic lines, aid with any removal requirements using high pressure water blasting, shot blasting or grinding techniques. Our team is fully equipped with the latest machinery and expertise to ensure your markings are completed to the very best standard for long lasting results.

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Leaders in Line Marking Removal, Refresh and
Installation Services in Perth, Western Australia.

Our business is locally owned and it comes with several years of experience in the industry of line marking services. We are considered to be leaders in line marking removal, refresh and installation services in Perth, Western Australia.  Due to the impeccable results our customers receive upon contracting us, we come highly recommended.

We have vast experience when it comes to any type of road lines, car parks lines (including those surrounding retail/shopping centres area), warehouses, playgrounds or sports courts requirements. We can do almost any type of line marking, starting from the simplest job of refreshing existing markings and ending up with a complete re-configuration of your facility. We can also provide and install all the safety items available on our website such as bollards, speed humps or wheel stops.

There is no better team to choose to have Lines Marked or Removed

The BollardShop team of professionals is always seeking to improve their skills and knowledge in the field of line marking. We understand and value the importance of line marking, which is why we constantly make sure that each and every project is conducted professionally, quickly and with the least disruption. In addition, we carefully analyse your needs and requirements, in such manner that we aim to ultimately offer you the best price on the market, without unnecessary costs.

Our team’s experience and ability to safely conduct each project with minimum disturbance, will solve your problem without causing any extra inconveniences around your business environment.

Road Line Marking Services

Benefits of hiring our team of professionals for line marking in Australia

Line marking requires vital skills, care and an attention to detail that can only be executed well by professionals. Along with the highest standards in the industry the overall job must be done with the highest level of safety measures and utmost care. This is the main reason why you should always request the services of a team of experts in line marking services.

If you are looking for professional line marking services in Perth, Western Australia, feel free to contact us today to get a fast quote depending on your individual needs.

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