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Crowd Control

Control the crowd with these safety tools

Be it a theatre, nightclub, exhibition, parade or a political rally; for the smooth running of any event, the safety of everyone involved is important. Using simple crowd control barriers, everyone can feel safe, comfortable and have a good time, and you can rest assured that the correct safety mechanisms are in place.

The Bollard Shop provides safety products that are used to implement crowd control. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Our products

Our product supply includes:

  • Traffic barriers

These units are ideal for diverting or blocking pedestrian traffic, closing off sections of the road during events, or creating safe areas for workers doing road works or construction. Weighing 11.5kg, these units are light enough for one person to handle. They can be bolted down permanently and fitted with reflective strips for increased visibility. The legs twist parallel to barrier, allowing them to lay flat for easy transport, and a quick interlocking system allows for linking long barrier chains together.

Dimensions: (L) 1950mm x (H) 1010mm.

  • Queue barriers

Our stainless steel queue barriers are available in matching smooth and matte black finishes. Great for placing around items to keep people from touching, like car shows, exhibitions, displays or even spills. Use our A4 document holders, to add that extra bit of visible signage.

Designed with weighted bases to keep bollards upright and help prevent accidental knock overs, these barriers are 50mm wide and can be connected to one another by the long black belts that extend out to two metres. Dimensions: (H) 900mm (W) Tube – 51mm, Base – 320mm.

We also provide no-parking cones.

Quality crowd barriers from a reputable supplier

When you’re looking for barriers for crowd control in terminals, restaurants, stadiums, retail, or other similar high-traffic environments, you want a quality product that’s going to enhance safety and streamline customer flow.

Bollard Shop offers products that are:


Our products help guide people and maintain order with smooth mechanisms that will ensure barrier belts don’t warp or cause injury.  

  • Durable

We use material such as aluminium or stainless steel that are weather resistance and can last for years.

  • Flexible

If you’re looking to add new posts to an already existing queue, we stock stanchions that are equipped with a universal belt-end that’s compatible with any posts.

If you want maximum crowd control measures that are flexible and versatile, our control barriers offer simple receptacles, which allow you to attach up to three other belts to a single post. Posts should also be able to accept sign frames or signage systems without the need for extra add-ons.

To view our range of crowd control products, contact us today.