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Solar lights provide security and illumination in needed areas, and by installing lights on your commercial property, it safeguards you against potential burglaries. The neighbouring premises have recently installed solar security lighting. You notice that their building is well lit and there is ample light in their entry and exit areas. You start asking them questions, and you’re surprised to find out that the process is not as complicated. Your mind is now set and you’re ready to make the switch to solar. The next day, you’re taking a walk around your property to decide on suitable areas for solar security lights.

Should I be using commercial solar security lights?

Using solar security lights is a great way to increase safety around the perimeter of a building. Before deciding on where to install the lights, ask yourself the following: how much electricity is available in my area? If there is none then the cost of adding solar energy may benefit you greatly. It is easy to install and the cost is less than the installation of electrical lighting. Solar lights can be installed anywhere, even if the solar panels need direct access to sunlight.

Another question to ask is your need for the lighting. Are you looking to use these for the front of your premises or the back? The types of lighting available can range from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Now that you have decided on the above, we can move on to the next step: choosing the area you would like to light up.

Doors and windows are welcoming entry points for intruders

Experts say that 34% of intruders will use a front door for break-ins. So we suggest you make an investment to secure the front area of your commercial property. Solar-powered security lights are enabled to light up to alert anyone in the area of any suspicious activity outside. Installation is easy because no wires are involved. Best practice is to mount the light in a southward-facing position to gain extreme sun exposure.

If your commercial building has a garden that welcomes clients, be weary that the pathway to your entrance also poses a safety risk during the night. Path lights provide sufficient exposure. Mark these small lights around a garden or walkway for an extra outdoor glow. Make sure tall plants, trees, or long stalks of grass don’t overshadow the lights. You want them to soak up as much sun as possible.

Add more light exposure to your front area by adding rope lights. Add these to a walkway or fence. A string consists of 30 to 50 lights and also requires minimum installation. As always, ensure they are hung in a spot that can receive direct sunlight.

To prevent a burglary, always ensure that the area behind your building is well lit during the night. Most light models turn on automatically around dusk, and will be lit up until the next morning if they have received a sufficient amount of sun. Many commercial solar security lights include a remote collector panel that should be placed in an area that receives the most sun.

Although not considered outside, offices or rooms with minimal lighting are at risk as it could possibly attract intruders. If you are looking to add more light to these rooms, tube lights are a great option. They are a nice alternative where natural light is minimal. The science behind its process is phenomenal as the technology used for these lights, capture natural light through a reflective dome on the roof and transfers it back through a tube. The tube then illuminates the dark room. When installing, avoid a path from the roof to the ceiling where you may find obstacles such as wiring, plumbing or heating ducts.

While this is an exciting experience, it is a substantial investment. Take a few key steps before installing any of these technologies in or near a home. Ensure that the manufacturer has offered a guarantee for when harsh UV rays, winter weather, or thunderstorms threaten to shorten a product’s life span. This vital precaution before installation will safeguard extra years of affordable, eco-friendly light. Contact Bollard Shop for a wide variety of commercial solar security lights.

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