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In most situations, bollards tend to get overlooked, they actually play an important role when it comes to both safety and aesthetics of almost any commercial or residential space. The reality is that bollards, especially parking bollards, can save lives and prevent property damage. The key for benefiting from the best parking lot security is to know how to select a parking bollard.

Usually, a business will opt from distinct types of traffic control bollards with the purpose of performing these tasks on their property. Parking bollards have a multitude of functions, including the fact that they can help separate cars and pedestrian areas, by clearly delineating where the traffic is supposed to go.

You can opt for car park barriers, safety bollards or vehicle bollards based on the purpose you want them to serve, along with the type of zone you aim to protect. Yet, before selecting a parking bollard, you should know that there are several types of bollards with distinct features.

Parking bollard selection

Before selecting a certain type of parking bollard, you should take into account the following criteria. Assessing your particular situation, evaluating the security level you want and what will happen in the area if an emergency occurs, are all issues you should think about before correctly selecting a bollard.

Best bollards for car parking areas

So, if you are wondering what the best parking bollards are, here are our top recommendations for the best security for both commercial and residential purposes.

1. Steel pipe Bollards

One of the most popular parking bollards are those from steel pipes. Usually found around buildings or in parking lots, they feature a concrete substrate to offer impact resistance in case any vehicles bump into them. Steel pipe bollards are great for guiding traffic in commercial areas and for offering protection for both pedestrians and buildings.
Steel pipe bollards for parking safety come with a rather common appearance, yet they can be painted or covered with a post cover in order to boost visibility and aesthetics.

2. Removable parking bollards

Removable bollards are durable and resemble permanent parking bollards a lot, with the sole difference that they can be removed from a receiver in the ground in order to allow vehicle access when necessary. Due to their visibility, they lack a proper level of impact resistance, meaning removable parking bollards are not recommended for areas in which stopping a vehicle might be required.

3. Retractable parking bollards

Even though it might seem that removable bollards are the same as retractable bollards, in reality they come with a couple of distinct features. Retractable parking bollards are more expensive when compared to the removable ones. Also, retractable bollards can easily be retracted into a concrete receiver in the ground. These types of bollards are great for parking zones as they delimit zones when it comes to vehicular access and at the same time, they offer quick access for emergency vehicles when access is required.

4. Flexible bollards

Another perfect selection for parking bollards are the flexible ones. They resemble the looks of sturdy steel bollards, but they are in reality made out of plastic polymer. Their core feature is the fact that they can bend up to ninety degrees upon impact with a vehicle and return to their original position afterwards.

Flexible bollards are the best solution for marking parking lots, as they will not scratch the bumper of a car on impact. They act as a signal for a driver that they`ve reached the maximum distance in a parking spot without damaging the vehicle.

5. Collapsible bollards

Fold-down parking bollards are adjustable posts that can be collapsed in order to allow vehicles to pass over them. These are commonly found in parking lots or parking garages, as they prevent access to a specific parking space. They come with a normal level of impact resistance, affordable price and increased visibility in the parking zone.

6. Solar lighting bollards

Besides the traffic control and protective characteristics, bollards can be a great aid when it comes to offering extra light in parking zones in the Dark. Solar lighting bollards can boost visibility and accurately depict where the pedestrian area starts in low-light conditions. Being powered by the sun, these are an eco-friendly version for illuminating surrounding area for both residential and commercial purposes.

Protective covers for parking bollards

Besides selecting a parking bollard, you should consider opting for a protective cover, too. These are great for acting as a shield against rust or damage, especially for steel bollards, but protective covers can be used for almost all types of parking bollards.

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