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Shopping centres are busy places that have become an integral part of our day to day lives. From shopping for clothing, appliances, and groceries to enjoying leisure activities such as cinema and dining, malls will forever serve Australians in countless ways. But how does it all come together? Moreover, how do we ensure that these public spaces can be utilised safely and efficiently? Behind the organised chaos lies a set of sophisticated management strategies that work in conjunction with infrastructure designed to meet specific obligations.

As a specialist in the field of safety equipment for a wide variety of applications and industries, Bollard Shop sources and stocks everything needed for shopping centres to meet security criteria. Our range includes anything from bollards to regulate vehicle access and crowd control to protection against ram raid theft and pedestrian safety.

Below is more information about our retail security products:

Ram Raid Protection

Ram raiding is a criminal technique that involves the use of a vehicle to enter premises by force, something that has posed a significant threat to shopping centres around the world since the 1930s. The way to stop this is with robust ram raid bollards that can withstand impact, simultaneously lowering the risk by limiting access points on the property.

Vehicle Restraint Barriers

Any space that is occupied by vehicles needs to be regulated, keeping automobiles separate from unauthorised areas and away from pedestrian walkways. With the right vehicle restraint barriers, traffic flow will be guided and managed effectively. Read more about our options here.

Crowd Control Barriers

There’s no need to mention that shopping centres host large crowds that are constantly on the move. This comes with the danger of fatal congestion (stampedes) in emergency situations with everyone trying to exit at the same time. The good news is that crowds can be controlled with the correctsafety mechanisms that will ensure the smooth running of any theatre, nightclub, exhibition, parade, or large-scale event.

Parking Space Protectors

Often, those that work in shopping centres have dedicated parking spaces that have been reserved and need to remain available at all times. It’s for this reason that we provide high-quality parking protectors that will keep your space vacant even when you’re not there.

Queue Management

Nobody likes a long queue that’s moving slowly due to a lack of organisation. While the simple truth is that lines cannot be avoided, they can be managed in a way that optimises flow and minimises wasted time. Bollard Shop is an expert in queue management, stocking a variety of effective solutions.

Safety Barriers

Safety barriers prevent unauthorised access to dangerous areas, making them inaccessible to both conscious and unconscious entry. With Bollard Shop, you can choose from more than one safety barrier application specific to your requirements.

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Whether you’re looking to install a new set of retail security solutions or upgrade and repair your existing infrastructure, Bollard Shop is your local specialist in Brisbane and Perth. With over a decade of practical experience and exceptional customer service, we can offer you a tailored product that will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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