The End of the Financial Year

The end of the financial year is always a busy time, it’s when we take stock, both of our products and our finances. We take a solid look back at the year in review, while planning and budgeting for the upcoming year. The good news is, that while the financial year end has come and gone, we are still clearing sales items, making this a good opportunity to buy what you need for the year ahead at discounted prices. Check out our specials here.

Planning your budget

With the end of the last financial year slowly disappearing from view and the planning for this year’s budget probably still under way, this time of year is often a great time to pick up bargains for the upcoming year. That’ because many companies are still clearing old stock and sales are everywhere. The Bollard Shop sale is running until the end of the month, with many items available at cut rates.

Safety first

When it comes to the safety of you, your staff, clients and the general public, there can be no compromise. This is not something that you can stint on, because the consequences can be serious. That’s another reason to take advantage of discounted items, stock up on your safety necessities now, so you don’t get caught wanting later.

Wide range of uses

Whether you need safety bollards for public roads and parking areas, or want to decorate a local park or garden with solar powered lights attached to bollards, we have an affordable solution; even cheaper now that we are running these end of year specials. The sale ends on July 31, so hurry while discounted stocks last. Prices will be varied with discounts applied to certain products in each category. We have large quantities of stock available, and we want to move all discounted goods before the end of the month.

15 years of excellent products and outstanding

As a proudly Western Australian owned and operated business, we have been servicing the local community since 2001. In addition to bollards, we sell speed humps, convex mirrors, wheel stops and safety tape; we also stock a variety of building products suitable for airports, shopping centres hospitals and schools.

Whatever you need

Whether you require permanent safety bollards, or transportable ones that can be moved from location to location, we’ve got what you need. We can also send out someone to install these bollards if required.

Contact Perth and Australia’s bollard specialists today and take advantage of our end of financial year sale.

Light up your landscape

Solar lights that are perfect for your garden

Beauty or security? Many feel that with security lights in their garden, it may dim the beauty of a well-kept garden. It may seem impossible but you can have the security element while maintaining a beautiful ambience.

Solar powered lights have become increasingly popular and are the lighting option of choice for pathways. However, when we think of solar powered lights for our garden, we think of a few bland spotlights installed on the pathway and we’re done. This does not have to be the case. With recent advances in solar lighting technology, you will never have to choose between safety and beauty again.

There are a few things to remember when you shop for solar lights. First, visit a reputable lighting stockist for a high quality range of solar lights. Secondly, match the light to the function you want it to perform. The primary categories of solar lights for use in the garden are accent lights, path lights, and spotlights and task lights.

Accent lighting

Accent lights add a lovely glow to your landscape. It has a low level of illumination, designed to ‘mark a place,’ and not an object or light a pathway. Due to their low light output, accent lights have longer runtimes and can run for many nights on just a single day’s charge. How useful are they for security? They mark landscape hazards so you or anyone else will not have to trip over any large rocks you may have in the garden.

Path lights

Light up your paths, walkways and small areas around your home with path lights. They are often used to guide people along a set of stairs or a dark walk. Some path lights have power switches, allowing you to store an electrical charge for a special event and ensure the longest possible run time. Some models also offer colour lenses. Visit your security lighting specialists and choose lenses for your pathway.

Task lights and spotlights

Task lights and spotlights are bright and are designed to cast a bright beam of light on plants, statuary or entryways. However, a solar task light will not perform like a standard 100-watt outdoor floodlight. A high quality solar light with good LEDs can produce a focused beam of light equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent spotlight—an impressive amount of light that’s both clean and free.

Solar task lights and spotlights are generally the most durable class of solar lights and are weatherproof and UV protected. Many people choose spotlights for garden landscapes because the LEDs generate an even brighter light, due to their solid design. LEDs also have a lifespan of 100 000 hours.

So remember that while you’re looking for solar lighting for your garden, you now have options available to vamp up the aesthetics.

Visit Bollard Shop today and browse our range of solar-powered lights.

How to keep your home safe and secure in winter

Keep intruders at bay during winter

If you’re a commercial or residential property owner, then you know the importance of keeping your property safe. Yet, many people use the same security measures during winter months. It’s not the wrong method, but you should be extra vigilant during this season. Along with some chilly weather, winter is the time that burglaries spike.

The reason is a simple one: it gets darker a lot earlier in winter, meaning there is more opportunity for intruders to strike. There are two things that will protect your home and office buildings from intruders: lighting and security cameras.

Light it up

Ample lighting will help keep intruders at bay, and, therefore, should be your priority. The porch and your yard should be well lit. Consider installing solar lighting; it’s a practical and cost-effective solution. Even if there is cloud cover, the solar lights can still run because it stores power from light not necessarily sun. Using solar lights has become the single best way to light parks, gardens, walkways, footpaths and swimming pools. Contact a local shop that specialises in security products and enquire about solar lights.

Advantages of using solar lights

  • Once installed, solar lights use free energy and emit no harmful substances
  • Solar continues to produce energy even on days when the sun doesn’t shine
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Solar panels are long lasting, up to 30 years in some cases
  • Flexible – install them anywhere from buildings to streets and gardens
  • Safer than running electric lights
  • More attractive

Solar street lights are ideal for lining streets, roads, avenues, and lanes. They make areas safer, more attractive at night and require almost zero maintenance once installed.

There are two types of solar lights to invest in:

  • Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights brighten your garden and pathway leading to your house. Solar lights need no maintenance once installed. Aside from the security advantage, they are great for summertime barbeques.

  • Solar motion lights

Increase the security at your home or commercial premises with solar motion lights. These lights are long-lasting, powered by light, and require minimal maintenance. Solar motion sensor lights are also great for night-time security, especially when you are away on holiday or business.

Solar security cameras

A solar security camera system can be used in indoor or outdoor environments thanks to it being wireless. If there is not enough sun to provide power to this device, batteries can be used as a backup power supply.

The most important part of increasing your security during winter is to make sure all your current security systems are in top shape:

  • For commercial buildings, inspect them and remove dead twigs, branches, and leaves. During the winter months, dry debris fall from trees and gather on the fence. This can set off false alarms.
  • Shrubs and trees make for great hiding places for intruders. Make sure these areas are well lit.
  • Test your alarm and security camera lenses.
  • If you have time-delay switches, reset them to come on earlier as it gets dark quicker in winter.
  • Make sure all your outside motion-detector lights are working so that you don’t find yourself entering a dark property.
  • Call your security company out to double-check your security system.

Don’t become a statistic during winter. Keep yourself, your family and employees safe this winter.

Contact the Bollard Shop for all solar lighting and security camera products.

Shining a light on solar lighting

Solar lights provide security and illumination in needed areas, and by installing lights on your commercial property, it safeguards you against potential burglaries. The neighbouring premises have recently installed solar security lighting. You notice that their building is well lit and there is ample light in their entry and exit areas. You start asking them questions, and you’re surprised to find out that the process is not as complicated. Your mind is now set and you’re ready to make the switch to solar. The next day, you’re taking a walk around your property to decide on suitable areas for solar security lights.

Should I be using commercial solar security lights?

Using solar security lights is a great way to increase safety around the perimeter of a building. Before deciding on where to install the lights, ask yourself the following: how much electricity is available in my area? If there is none then the cost of adding solar energy may benefit you greatly. It is easy to install and the cost is less than the installation of electrical lighting. Solar lights can be installed anywhere, even if the solar panels need direct access to sunlight.

Another question to ask is your need for the lighting. Are you looking to use these for the front of your premises or the back? The types of lighting available can range from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Now that you have decided on the above, we can move on to the next step: choosing the area you would like to light up.

Doors and windows are welcoming entry points for intruders

Experts say that 34% of intruders will use a front door for break-ins. So we suggest you make an investment to secure the front area of your commercial property. Solar-powered security lights are enabled to light up to alert anyone in the area of any suspicious activity outside. Installation is easy because no wires are involved. Best practice is to mount the light in a southward-facing position to gain extreme sun exposure.

If your commercial building has a garden that welcomes clients, be weary that the pathway to your entrance also poses a safety risk during the night. Path lights provide sufficient exposure. Mark these small lights around a garden or walkway for an extra outdoor glow. Make sure tall plants, trees, or long stalks of grass don’t overshadow the lights. You want them to soak up as much sun as possible.

Add more light exposure to your front area by adding rope lights. Add these to a walkway or fence. A string consists of 30 to 50 lights and also requires minimum installation. As always, ensure they are hung in a spot that can receive direct sunlight.

To prevent a burglary, always ensure that the area behind your building is well lit during the night. Most light models turn on automatically around dusk, and will be lit up until the next morning if they have received a sufficient amount of sun. Many commercial solar security lights include a remote collector panel that should be placed in an area that receives the most sun.

Although not considered outside, offices or rooms with minimal lighting are at risk as it could possibly attract intruders. If you are looking to add more light to these rooms, tube lights are a great option. They are a nice alternative where natural light is minimal. The science behind its process is phenomenal as the technology used for these lights, capture natural light through a reflective dome on the roof and transfers it back through a tube. The tube then illuminates the dark room. When installing, avoid a path from the roof to the ceiling where you may find obstacles such as wiring, plumbing or heating ducts.

While this is an exciting experience, it is a substantial investment. Take a few key steps before installing any of these technologies in or near a home. Ensure that the manufacturer has offered a guarantee for when harsh UV rays, winter weather, or thunderstorms threaten to shorten a product’s life span. This vital precaution before installation will safeguard extra years of affordable, eco-friendly light. Contact Bollard Shop for a wide variety of commercial solar security lights.

Improve security with solar landscape lighting

Effective outdoor lighting is a critical for the safety of your home, office or factory. Security lighting used to be costly and require a fair bit of maintenance to ensure that all lights were working all the time. Now you can secure your premises with solar landscape lighting, which will provide you with additional lighting per bulb, does not need to connect to the national energy grid, will last longer than traditional lights, and save you money in the long term.

How to secure your premises with solar landscape lighting:

Solar lights on a path or driveway

Ensuring that all driveways, paths and outdoor areas are lit up, will go a long way to prevent trespassers from entering your property.

Perpetrators love the dark when they can skulk around with no chance of being seen. Installing strategic solar lights around your property will light up your premises, make it unwelcome for would-be trespassers and make your business or house stand out at night in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Motion sensors

If you do not want excessive light around your property you can make use of motion sensor solar powered lights. These will remain off until someone enters the senor’s field, which will activate the light, illuminating the prescribed area. This will deter trespassers and make it easy to see if anyone is around.

Remote areas

By using solar lights you are no longer reliant on the grid, meaning your power is dependent on the sun, not the national energy grid. This makes it easier to install solar security lights in remote locations. By using LED lights you know they will last longer than traditional lights, meaning far less maintenance and globe failures. This is critically important for far-flung premises, which your maintenance team can’t easily access.

Highlight objects at night

Night time security is not just about deterring unwelcome parties, but about safely navigating the outside of your home or work place. Lighting the appropriate areas will ensure you don’t fall in the fish pond, walk into a lamp post or ruin the flower bed. These lights can also use motion sensors or be left permanently on.

Timer switches

Timer switches are an excellent method for deterring criminals. As the lights are timed to go on and off at certain times, it means there is always a light or two shining on your property, with trespassers unable to tell at a glance that the property is empty.

Use LED lights

LED lighting is more expensive than incandescent lights, but they are simple to install and will last way longer than traditional globes. This means far less globes that need replacing. It will also save you about 75% on your electricity bill.

Safe & aesthetic

Just because you take your security seriously does not mean you have to compromise on aesthetics. Solar-powered LED lights offer you a range of attractive options. From cool looking light bollards to multi-coloured LED lights in your garden, they are the perfect answer to securing your property, while making it more attractive at the same time.

Speak to your local bollard specialists and choose your solar landscaping lights. We have a huge variety of solar-powered security lighting.

Benefits of commercial solar security lights

Using the sun to power your security lighting

Securing your office space, warehouse, factory or retail shop can be an expensive business. That’s why more and more business owners are installing solar powered lights for their security lighting requirements.

There are a number of benefits to using solar power for your security lighting needs. Once you realise the advantages of going solar, there is no going back, both from a business and an environmental perspective.

What are these benefits?

Save money

While the costs of setting up a solar lighting system might be expensive, the amount of money you will save in the long run, as well as the reduced impact on the environment, will far outweigh these initial installation costs. Solar power is a medium to long term investment, which will benefit both you and the environment. With many commercial premises requiring extensive lighting to secure their premises, going solar is the reliable and cost-effective solution.

Make money

In addition to saving you money, if you install a large enough solar system and generate more energy than you require, you’ll be able to sell that excess energy back to the grid.

More reliable

Solar systems do not rely on the electricity grid for power and therefore, are not susceptible to power outages caused by maintenance requirements, extreme weather or any other disruptions that the grid is susceptible to.

Low maintenance

Solar systems require far less maintenance than regular electrical lighting. LED lights are more efficient, durable and robust than normal lights meaning they need to be replaced less frequently.


Solar panels harvest the sun’s energy, turning it into electricity. These systems have proven themselves as a more efficient and quieter solution than the hum of coal and diesel powered energy.

Easy installation

While the initial cost of buying and installing solar panels can be expensive, the process of installing them is relatively simple. Because there is no need to connect to the grid, you do not need to dig trenches or prepare complicated electricity installations, especially if there is no existing infrastructure.


When you need to install security lighting at premises that may be some distance from the closest electrical line, it can be costly and time consuming. Solar systems do not rely on the grid and can be installed as a standalone system without any connection to a traditional power supply.


Because solar lighting uses LED lights, the system can withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures. This makes them far more reliable than regular lighting, which is especially important for remote locations, which are hard to reach in an emergency.


Solar lighting allows you more options for your lighting needs, including the ability to programme your lights to switch on and off at certain times, or to activate your lighting via a motion sensor system.

Solar-powered LED lights can also be used to light commercial garages with low energy fluorescent lights or using ultra-low energy LED bulbs that shine with an ultra-bright light with just a few watts of power.


Solar lighting is portable can be installed anywhere quickly and easily, and can be uprooted and relocated with similar ease if need be.

Environmentally friendly

The sun is an unlimited clean power source. The more businesses that use this clean and unlimited energy source, the less impact on our fragile eco-system. Coal is a major contributor to global warming and air pollution, the less we rely on it, the quicker we move towards a cleaner environment for us all.

Secure a bright future for your business with solar powered security lighting that will save you money, last you longer, be more effective and reduce your company’s reliance on traditional energy sources.

Solar & Electric Lighting: Which is better?

What are the differences between solar security lights and traditional lighting?

Solar lighting is growing in popularity as people become more environmentally conscious. However, conventional electric lighting is a tried and tested lighting option, utilised for decades. In order to make a decision between the two on which is better, here’s a comparison that will help to weigh up the options. Having security lighting in your home will ensure better protection of your assets and loved ones.

Solar security lighting

A great differentiating factor is that unlike electric lighting, solar lights use LEDs. LED lights are longer lasting, sometimes lasting over ten years. Solar powered security lighting is easier to work with for those who don’t have a lot of experience and skill in wiring as it is wireless. They are also extraordinarily efficient in saving energy because they are powered by the energy produced by the sun, which makes them practically a no-cost security lighting option.

The pros and cons of solar

Unlike conventional bulbs that die or blow, LED lights lose their brightness over time. They also don’t contain mercury. With the increase on environmental sustainability, turning to solar security lighting is a smart move. These sun-powered lights don’t have a carbon footprint. Because they aren’t using electricity, they will save you costs on your monthly electricity bill.

However, they are at a disadvantage in that they don’t offer the same brightness of low-voltage electric lights. The brightness factor becomes an issue if the lights are to be placed in very dark areas, which means you will just need to install more or bigger ones in that area. You also need to ensure that the lights are kept clean and in areas that get a lot of sunlight, otherwise they won’t absorb energy as efficiently in order to fully charge and shine at their brightest. This is problematic in shaded areas that require lighting.

Electric security lighting

Electric lights are usually considered to provide bright lighting for security purposes. These lights come with a timer or a sensor that responds to movement. They are a cheaper option to purchase but they cost you more in the long run with your electricity bill. Their brightness is usually stronger and therefore better at shedding light onto potential intruders. Unlike solar powered lighting, if you have had a day of heavy clouds and rain, you know that your electric lights will still be working at any time.

The downside, however, is that unlike the easier to install solar security lights, you will need to call in a professional to help you with the wiring. The bulbs on electric lighting also need replacing often and the whole lighting system and wiring will need regular checks and maintenance. While having the control over electric lights is beneficial, a better option is to have lights that you don’t need to manage.

While solar security lighting may cost more to purchase, it will save you on costly installation, repairs and maintenance, as well as bills in the long run. You are also being more environmentally friendly using solar powered products instead of conventional electric lighting. You property will also continue to be secure during blackouts. Make sure you purchase high quality solar security lighting from a professional vendor for a long-lasting, low-cost and maintenance-free lighting solution.

The gist of solar street lighting

All you need to know about solar street lighting

Everyone is making the switch to off-the-grid power. Renewable energy solutions have increased in popularity amongst the residential, industrial and commercial sectors around the world. Governments are also taking more of these energy-efficient solutions on board in order to cut costs and help the environment. One of the newest introductions to governmental and engineering industries is solar powered street lighting. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about these products to make an informed decision about the viability of incorporating it on a massive scale. Read below about the components of solar street lighting, how it works, the benefits thereof, and why you need to make the switch from conventional to renewable energy sources.


A solar street light consists of the pole, the lighting unit (LED bulb), a battery box, cables, and of course, the SPV module and the battery box. Everything is self-explanatory, and it would be impossible to operate a solar light without these components. This is also dependent on the manufacturer; some may only supply the lighting system without the solar panel connection (but make provision for it), others may only supply the light and solar connection but without the pole, so double-check the contents of each unit before making or accepting a quote. A project can see the roll out of approximately hundreds of streetlights, so it could be quite a costly oversight.

How it works

Solar panels gather energy from sunlight not heat, contrary to customary belief, and this light energy is converted to electric energy through various cabling. When the sun shines throughout the day, the panel converts the energy, which is stored in the attached battery. Once night time approaches, the battery discharges the converted electrical energy into the power source, which is the lightbulb in this case, providing light to a specified area. Solar powered streetlights operate automatically by turning on at sunset and off at sunrise.


Solar powered lighting manufacturers offer a reliable, affordable and efficient solution to using a national power grid to light roads. It is a cost-effective option not only because it is powered by a natural source but also because the LED globes used, provides bright light meaning you’ll require less units per road. These units are particularly useful in communities where there is no access to electricity or where the grid is constantly failing to provide enough kW to power an area. The engineering involved in designing these solar units make it an extremely reliable source of power because there is no chance of failure or breakdown due to a puerile design.

Why make the switch?

One of the most obvious reasons to make the change from conventional to solar lighting is to decrease the pressure on the national power grid, which in turn decreases the need to burn fossil fuels that pollutes our environment. A community that lacks streetlights in general will become a safer place due to the addition of lights that never switch off. This also allows businesses to operate later, which only benefits the local economy.

Contact Bollard Shop for a range of solar light bollard solutions.

Solar Light Bollards

Light your garden, walkway or public area with solar powered bollard lights

When it comes to solar lighting, it seems like it has been around forever but has still not quite arrived. It seems to be one of those things we read and hear about but don’t see that often in everyday life. Luckily this is changing. With solar technology improving all the time and costs coming down at a rapid rate, we are starting to see more and more solar applications come to light.

Bollards are no different. While bollards were once just functional safety barriers, today they serve multiple functions, including aesthetic, security and lighting, often all at once. As bollards are generally used outdoors, it makes sense to use the most powerful, natural energy source we have, the sun, to power these lights. This has resulted in a range of new and funky solar light bollards, which are now functional both during the day and at night.

Use them as street barriers to protect pedestrians, as safety barriers to safeguard restricted areas from vehicles, and in your garden to provide beautiful lighting and make your outdoor area more atmospheric and usable at night.

Many bollards are installed with smart-chip sensors that switch the lights on and off according to light conditions. This way, even during the day when weather conditions are gloomy, the bollards will light up making them more visible and providing light to the surrounding areas. Of course when the sun shines, the solar panels act like a sponge soaking up the sun’s rays in preparation for when they are needed.

The beauty of solar light bollards is that they are hardy, resistant to the harshest weather conditions, versatile and attractive. You’ll find them on gate pillars, in parks, schoolyards, outside buildings, in private and public gardens, lighting walkways, outside government buildings, lining the red carpet, the list is endless.

The main advantage of solar powered bollard lights is that they don’t require any cabling or trenching, allowing you greater flexibility in where you place them, and less chance of damage. In addition, they aren’t affected by power outages. They are easy to install and can be moved quickly and easily depending on how you have installed them.

An added benefit of solar lights is that they typically use LED lights, which are brighter and last longer than regular bulbs. They may require additional sunlight to power, so try to ensure that your solar panels receive as much sunlight as possible.

Gardens can be as much fun at night as they are during the day, especially when using adequate solar lighting. A walk around a solar-lit garden at night will reveal a host of different sights that you don’t see during the day. While most flowers won’t be open, seeing a landscaped area with a range of well-placed bollard lights makes for a fun and educational walk. Look closely and see how many night creatures you can spot.

Harbours are taking advantage of solar bollard lights to provide night lighting for boats and other watercraft, and many public amenities now use coloured solar lights to provide a funkier, more alternative lighting vibe to traditional white lights.

Whatever you decide, solar light bollards are clearly the way to go, providing you with reliable and hardy lighting solutions that use no wires, are easy to install and can be moved with comparative ease.

Speak to your local bollard specialists and choose your solar light bollards, you’ll find an endless range of uses for them.

Using convex mirrors for safety & security reasons

From stores to street corners the convex mirror has a variety of uses

The word convex means to curve outwards. So when light comes into contact with a convex mirror or surface, the light is spread out, making these types of mirrors exceptionally useful for a number of safety and security reasons.

Store security

Convex mirrors are often placed on store ceilings allowing the store manager or security to view a large area of the store at once. These mirrors act as both a preventative measure, stopping would be shop lifters from stealing, and help security personnel spot those that do.


The problem with ATMs is that the person withdrawing money often has his/her back exposed while they are concentrating on their transaction. By placing convex mirrors in a suitable place, the person withdrawing cash can keep an eye on what is going on behind them, allowing them to react in time, should someone suspicious appear.

On roads, bends or driveway entrances

The most useful aspect of convex mirrors is they allow you to see round corners and bends. This makes them particularly useful for blind corners, sharp bends, and your driveway, if you can’t see the oncoming traffic. By placing these mirrors at a suitable height, they allow you to see vehicles coming, when you can’t see them with the naked eye. This means that instead of exiting your driveway inch by inch, more in hope than anything else, you can now see whether the road is clear before exiting.

The same goes for sharp corners, when you can’t see oncoming traffic, a strategically placed convex mirror allows you to see what’s around the corner, and likewise for the oncoming vehicle, making you both more aware and warning you to slow down.

The same principal applies to parking garages. When oncoming cars are approaching and there’s a blind corner ahead, these mirrors allow you to see each other, forcing you to take evasive action or slow down in time.

Vehicles – rear view mirrors

Cars regularly use convex mirrors as an option for their side view mirrors as they offer a wider angle of vision and a larger field of view, eliminating the ‘blind spot’ so prevalent in most regular car side mirrors. The problem with these mirrors is they give a slightly smaller relative image, meaning that you can now see all vehicles but they are often closer than they appear in your mirror.

To scan the underneath of cars

Ever been to an institution, whether a government department, military base or any place that requires additional security. Ever noticed that the security personnel use a mirror on a pole to scan the underside of your car. Those are convex mirrors and allow them to scan the complete underside of your vehicle without having to climb under the car itself.

Streetlight reflectors

Convex streetlight reflectors are used to spread the light over a wider area allowing for more effective use of each street light.


Convex mirrors are sometimes used as sunglass lenses. They reflect sunlight away from your eyes, adding some additional protection, particularly useful when hiking in bright sunlight and snow.

Dentist mirrors

You guessed it, those little dentist mirrors that your dentist uses to identify your cavities and dodgy teeth – convex. Which means they don’t need to stick the mirror all the way to the back of your mouth to identify any trouble spots.

Contact your local safety products stockists and view their range of convex mirrors for a variety of uses.