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Bike Racks

Attract more clientele with stylish and secure bike racks

Tired of tripping over bikes in or around your office complex, or outside your store? A lack of bike racks makes the outside of your office or shop a soft target for bike thieves. The last thing you need is to deal with a variety of shop patrons and staff, knocking on your door because your lack of facilities has caused them an expensive loss.

Racks are essential for locking up your bike in a public or private setting. We offer single and multi-storage options for easy application. Whether you’re after bike storage for the parking lot or the office building, our high quality weather resistant bike racks will fit your specifications perfectly. For any further questions, or to place your order contact the Bollard Shop or call 1300 766 003.


Bollard Shop has been providing clients through Western Australia with a wide selection of hi-vis safety solutions. Our bike parking racks are certified according to Australian legislation and comply with all safety and installation guidelines.

Durable to ensure optimal security

Our commercial bike racks are available in galvanised and stainless steel options, and can be polyester powder coated to prevent corrosion. Engineered to handle the harshest weather conditions and extreme temperatures, they’re made for style and functionality.

You may want to seriously consider this simple but influential product because it’s known that businesses with bike racks attract more clients. Cyclists first priority is to find a facility where they can safely store their bike while enjoying a meal, a refreshing drink or some shopping. Secure bike racks are non-negotiable with bicycle lovers.

Stylish hoops

Bike hoop in-ground options are anchored into concrete, making them impossible to remove. They can easily be configured before installation to suit bikes of different widths and sizes. Choose the width between the aisles and opt for as many hoops as you please to accommodate as many bicycles as you wish.

If you prefer a less invasive option, you can opt for the bike hoop base-plate. Designed with flat-surface at the end of each side of the hoop, the base is then anchored to the concrete using heavy duty screws.

Commercial bike racks

With a growing community of cyclists, business owners are seeing the value of commercial bike storage racks. They are fast becoming a part of infrastructure because they keep spaces tidy, and the bikes remain safe and damage-free.

You can select your standard bicycle parking system from our premium range of bike hoops that are packaged and shipped to you for easy assembly and installation.

Avoid the possibility of bike theft from your private or commercial property by investing in bike racks from Bollard Shop. We source the finest products from reputable suppliers ensuring you are investing in a premium product that offers longevity and a valid guarantee.

Contact us today for assistance. We look forward to being your safety product service provider.