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Professional Bollard installation services in Australia

Bollards are great for offering protection for doors, store entrances, light posts or acting as security divisions from collisions. They are a rather important feature for any commercial property that has a significative amount of traffic around it. At BollardShop we focus on offering the best solutions when it comes to installations, with the purpose of finding the most qualitative and cost-effective result for our customers.

Bollard Repair and Installation Services

Our bollards can be employed for aiding in redirecting pedestrian traffic, delimit parking spots, protecting buildings or simply make fire leans visible to anyone that passes by. Due to the fact that bollards can be used in several manners, it is rather important to contact a professional when it comes to installation, maintenance or repair issues.

You can improve your commercial property by installing bollards with the aid of our team of professionals. Whether you are seeking to install some security barriers to prevent vehicles from accessing a certain area or you are simply looking for parking bollards installation, we a team of professional on hand.

Bollards and Safety Equipment Installation Solutions

BollardShop provides first-class bollard installation services in Australia to help you with any installation project you might have in mind, especially those that are related to commercial buildings or environments. No project is too big or too small for our team, which is why our portfolio of projects is packed with several distinct types of bollard installation projects with a focus on commercial clients.

Bollards need to be personalized and designed to be strong enough to withstand accidental damage of any kind. We offer the largest range of Bollards in Australia with different sizes and strength specifications in order to meet your individual needs. Some of those include:

  • Base Plate Bollards, considered to be suitable for industrial purposes, being used for security measures for either commercial or industrial premises.
  • Lockable Bollards, usually made from durable materials, these bollards come with a concealed locking mechanism for extra security purposes;
  • Inground Bollards, or embedded bollards resemble basic bollards, yet they can be retracted deep into the ground;
  • Removable Bollards, great for commercial spaces areas, quick to set up and remove, these bollards are usually used for emergency vehicle admittance and authorized users entrance delimitations;
  • Ram Raid Bollards, commonly found in industrial areas, these bollards are meant to prevent access to premises (such as a factory door or glass shop front) with a vehicle
  • Stainless Steel Bollards, are considered to be great for almost any type of location, as they protect the surrounding environment both from pedestrian traffic or vehicles, depending on what you want to achieve;
  • Solar Bollards, are one of the most sort after products from our commercial clients, as they are the eco-friendly, solar powered LED bollards that can be used for architectural, commercial or landscape lighting applications.

We also cater for custom bollard requirements and special orders, so please be sure to contact us about your needs today so that we can provide you with some professional consultation.

Whether you’re looking to install a new set of bollards, wheel stops, speed humps or upgrade and repair your existing building infrastructure, Bollard Shop is your local specialist in Brisbane and Perth. With over a decade of practical experience and exceptional customer service, we can offer you a first-class product installation service that will not only will meet, but exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to receive expert advice from our team of professionals in regards to bollard installation costs, along with any other information you might need before submitting your project with us.

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