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In most situations, bollards are used for preventing vehicle traffic from reaching certain areas such as walkways, parks and so on. Their purpose is to increase security for buildings or pedestrians, yet they are meant to be functional, which is why their design is rather dull.

Even though they offer a professional and secure appearance to both residential and commercial areas, bollards tend to have a basic look that might even interfere with the overall landscape. Hence, nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular for businesses or municipalities to consider installing decorative bollards that suit perfectly the environment in which they are positioned.

Decorative bollards provide a certain level of security similar to basic bollards, yet they look nice and offer an extra aesthetic touch to the area in which they are installed. So, before deciding what type of bollard you need for your location, you should read on to find out why decorative bollards are better than standard bollards and, of course, why you should consider buying a decorative bollard.

Decorative bollards vs. standard bollards

It is true that standard bollards are useful and offer a certain level of protection, but in most situations, they are not aesthetic. In addition, they can even have a negative impact on the overall looks of the surrounding landscape, especially when bollards are installed in areas like marinas, beaches or local parks.

Using decorative bollards represents an ideal option for those that seek to benefit from the security measures that come with standard bollards, along with an aesthetically pleasing design. Hence, if you are in need for additional security for your commercial or residential zone, you can always consider choosing decorative bollards, as they are rather perfect and can be easily included in all sorts of environments.

Advantages of using decoration bollards

Decorative bollards can boost the appearance of streetscapes, as they offer a sense of continuity and provide an increased sense of safety by preventing distinct types of traffic from accessing certain areas. Besides this, decoration bollards have a multitude of benefits, such as:

Types of decoration bollards

Decorative bollards are available in a wide range of distinct materials or styles, yet they are usually constructed from iron, steel or aluminium, which boosts durability, too. They are recommended for usage around historical sites, tourist attractions, modern commercial spaces or any other type of location that needs a decorative element to better the overall look of the landscape.

Decorated concrete bollards, removable bollards, fixed bollards, parking bollards or collapsible bollards are all great for offering security. Yet decorative bollards can offer even more: they are the extra touch of style for your commercial or residential site. When choosing a decorative design, it is best to consider the following main bollard features that will aid you in opting for the best solution for your space.

1. Colour

Decoration bollards are available in a wide range of colours, such as green, beige, red, black, yellow, brown, grey, orange or pink. This permits you to include bollards in almost any type of landscape without worrying about the aesthetic issue. Mainly, decorative bollards are coloured using a technique known as powder coating, which is durable and offers the desired effect.

2. Top Castings

Top castings represent an individual piece meant to cover items such as bolting or fastening rods. They are easy to install to bollards and come with discreet screws, also available is several designs such as dome, large sphere or rounded options. In most situations, top castings are used for bollards that are positioned in area near to a business or university.

3. Fluting Decorations

Fluting is used for decoration bollards as they offer an eye-catching effect that boosts the overall style of any type of bollard. It can be used only for decoration purposes or for security concerns, as fluting can complement any bollard colour or design.

4. Opting for chains

Even though chains are optional when it comes to decorative bollards, they are actually perfect for creating an aesthetical pleasant environment. They stop walk-through traffic, being perfect for several locations like commercial environments, public parks, campuses, fronts of stores or parking lots. Chains can be customized with powder-coating based on your preferences.

5. Bollard landscape lighting

Mainly used for residential areas, decorative lighting bollards are perfect for offering security and style for outdoor paths that require lighting after the night falls. Lighting bollards can you’re your property appear larger and neater with the correct placement. In addition, these types of bollards are great for other pedestrian area or historical sites displays, as they offer guidance on how to properly walk in the allocated space.

6. You can always opt for bollard covers

When buying a bollard, you can always opt for transforming it into a decoration bollard with the aid of a cover. Plastic bollard covers offer affordable, visible protection for steel pipe bollards. They extended their life span as they protect the bollard from damage.

Outdoor bollards and installation

Whether you opt for a decorative bollard or for a standard cover to decorate your bollard, the entire process of installation can be done in as little as a matter of minutes. Decorative plastic bollard covers can be set up on bollards that are not damaged or rusty. Yet if you opt for a decorative bollard made from concrete or stainless steel, you can rest assured a specialist in the field can mount your security posts as fast as possible.

Anyhow, if you are seeking for an effective manner to make a clear distinction between pedestrian and vehicle traffic, shield a building from damage or simply boost the overall appearance of a location both decorative bollards or bollards with a decorative plastic cover can meet your expectations.

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