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What are the differences between solar security lights and traditional lighting?

Solar lighting is growing in popularity as people become more environmentally conscious. However, conventional electric lighting is a tried and tested lighting option, utilised for decades. In order to make a decision between the two on which is better, here’s a comparison that will help to weigh up the options. Having security lighting in your home will ensure better protection of your assets and loved ones.

Solar security lighting

A great differentiating factor is that unlike electric lighting, solar lights use LEDs. LED lights are longer lasting, sometimes lasting over ten years. Solar powered security lighting is easier to work with for those who don’t have a lot of experience and skill in wiring as it is wireless. They are also extraordinarily efficient in saving energy because they are powered by the energy produced by the sun, which makes them practically a no-cost security lighting option.

The pros and cons of solar

Unlike conventional bulbs that die or blow, LED lights lose their brightness over time. They also don’t contain mercury. With the increase on environmental sustainability, turning to solar security lighting is a smart move. These sun-powered lights don’t have a carbon footprint. Because they aren’t using electricity, they will save you costs on your monthly electricity bill.

However, they are at a disadvantage in that they don’t offer the same brightness of low-voltage electric lights. The brightness factor becomes an issue if the lights are to be placed in very dark areas, which means you will just need to install more or bigger ones in that area. You also need to ensure that the lights are kept clean and in areas that get a lot of sunlight, otherwise they won’t absorb energy as efficiently in order to fully charge and shine at their brightest. This is problematic in shaded areas that require lighting.

Electric security lighting

Electric lights are usually considered to provide bright lighting for security purposes. These lights come with a timer or a sensor that responds to movement. They are a cheaper option to purchase but they cost you more in the long run with your electricity bill. Their brightness is usually stronger and therefore better at shedding light onto potential intruders. Unlike solar powered lighting, if you have had a day of heavy clouds and rain, you know that your electric lights will still be working at any time.

The downside, however, is that unlike the easier to install solar security lights, you will need to call in a professional to help you with the wiring. The bulbs on electric lighting also need replacing often and the whole lighting system and wiring will need regular checks and maintenance. While having the control over electric lights is beneficial, a better option is to have lights that you don’t need to manage.

While solar security lighting may cost more to purchase, it will save you on costly installation, repairs and maintenance, as well as bills in the long run. You are also being more environmentally friendly using solar powered products instead of conventional electric lighting. You property will also continue to be secure during blackouts. Make sure you purchase high quality solar security lighting from a professional vendor for a long-lasting, low-cost and maintenance-free lighting solution.

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