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Traffic Cones and Witches Hats

Convenient pedestrian and vehicle traffic solutions

Are people parking in private bays or using parking bays they shouldn’t? Need to cordon off areas being renovated or worked on in malls, schools, or on the roads? No-parking and traffic cones are the perfect solution.

Typically used outdoors to demarcate road work areas, these products warn of dangers, and redirect vehicle and pedestrian traffic as required.

Since 2001, Bollard Shop has helped many clients protect pedestrians and vehicles on industrial, residential and commercial sites. As an Australian owned and operated business specialising in safety products, we know how road cones can best serve our clients in all industries.

Reflective traffic cones

Australian regulations call for safety cones to be fitted with reflective bands so they are easily visible during the day and night. However, you can retrofit your visual warning witches’ hats with flashing lights or retroactive sleeves for added precaution in low-light situations. This alerts everyone about upcoming hazard areas in the dark.

Choose yours from our selection, which include:

  • Road cones: height 1000mm – weight 7kg – base 500x500mm
  • Parking cones: height 680mm (930mm with top installed) – top sign 260x260mm – weight 1.2kg – base 280x280mm

Made from heavy-duty PVC, these lightweight and bright orange and yellow cones are built for convenience and available in a selection of shapes and sizes. 


More than just a cone, road cones are routinely used in road reconstruction and resurfacing projects. They’re excellent for highlighting potholes – which is an expensive little problem when your vehicle hits on of them. A simple portable solution; you simply throw them in the car and take them from pothole to pothole, or move them around schools, shopping malls, placing them wherever needed.

Durable and suited for the harshest outdoor environments, reflective traffic cones have long been the saving grace for drivers around the world and pedestrians walking near public construction sites.

Apart from road use, cones are often used in shopping malls to highlight slippery surfaces and to demarcate VIP parking at certain events.


Safety cones facilitate the easy movement of traffic in accident zones, making them an extremely important part of keeping drivers safe.

Don’t sweat the small stuff because we have the solution to your high-vis demarcation needs. Our reflective traffic cones are made for convenience and safety, and they’re cost effective. You’ll be hard-pressed to find pedestrian and vehicle traffic management solutions that meet your safety and budget needs so perfectly.

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