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We offer a wide range including removable, safety and parking bollards – *Now Shipping Direct to South Australia!

Bollard Shop is the go-to supplier for first-rate bollards. We supply industries across Australia with robust solutions for safety requirements. Our extensive experience ensures we consistently provide you with quality bollards. Contact us today.

Highly trained and dedicated, our team take the time to understand your goals and objectives, and then provide a solution that caters to your specific needs. They are readily available and keen to assist. Each member has extensive training and provides quality installation, inspection, maintenance and repairs ensuring there is never a lapse in security or safety.  Whether you need to permanently restrict access or manage it intermittently, we can help you.

What is a bollard?

Made from various materials such as metal, plastic and concrete, bollards are small posts used as effective barriers and boundary markers. They can guide or detour traffic and protect designated areas from unwanted vehicle entries. They are manufactured to withstand high impact collisions, and are commonly used on sidewalks, around homes, outside buildings and in parking lots.

Our range

We take great pride in maintaining a stock of affordable and aesthetically appealing security products. This diverse range of safety bollards includes:

  • Removable bollards
  • Safety bollards
  • Parking bollards
  • Retractable bollards
  • Traffic bollards
  • Bollards for sale
  • Top bollards
  • Pedestrian barriers
  • Bollard caps
  • Base plate bollards
  • Ram raid bollards
  • Reboundable bollards


The primary function and benefit of bollards is safety. Time and time again, they have proven to be an effective solution. They also offer a number of other benefits such as:

  • Durability

The selection of bollards we provide are manufactured from high-quality materials and coated with durable paint, ensuring minimal maintenance. These products give countless years of use, providing excellent value for the money. We take particular care in making sure the material, design and finish is suitable for the application.

  • Privacy

This safety equipment creates clear visual barriers for drivers, helping to direct traffic and prevent access to restricted areas. When used properly, bollards regulate vehicle traffic while ensuring clear sight lines and efficient pedestrian flow.

  • Physical safety

Ideal for sensitive areas where access needs to be carefully controlled, we supply bollards that offer superior security and safety.

  • Decorative

Our diverse range of bollards are not only protective solutions but they also complement the landscape. These simple products have evolved to meet the more aesthetic needs of businesses, buildings and public spaces. We can provide options that vary in shape, colour, style, texture and weight.

For a team of professionals with extensive experience providing a selection of dependable bollards for varying applications, talk to us.

Contact us today for bollards that are tailor-made for your needs.