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Widen your view of the world with convex mirrors

Many have suffered the repercussions of accidents in areas with limited visibility. These problems occur on blind corners, at the exits and entrances of business or residential complexes, and in high-pedestrian areas where the driveway does not have a clear view of moving traffic. The solution is convex mirrors.

Bollard Shop has provided clients across Western Australia with large and small quantities of indoor and outdoor convex mirrors for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. If you’re unsure about your mirror requirements, contact us today and we’ll find the products to meet your needs.

Why you should invest in convex mirrors

Blind spots and corners are dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. They’re accidents waiting to happen, whether they be in undercover parking areas, on winding roads, and even for excessive pedestrian traffic in shopping malls and schools.

Also known as ‘fish eye mirrors’ (due to their bulging eyeball effects) the spherical convex shape bulges out, reflecting peripheral images and allowing you to see what is coming around a corner. It’s the perfect solution to an often serious problem.

Not only used for traffic and driveway safety purposes, convex mirrors are also indoor theft deterrents. Favoured by retailers as an anti-theft security feature, they provide a wider view of markets, shops, kiosks and booths.

Ceiling and wall mirrors

Made in various sizes and shapes, ceiling mirrors are fully equipped with PMMA lenses, which allow for the clearest images. Easily installed, the products are sealed with industrial-grade sealants that prevent dust penetrating the lens.

Tough and scratch resistant, ceiling mirrors are extremely versatile and are available in full dome, half dome, and wall styles that are mounted on ceilings, in corners, and along walls to broaden your field of vision.


You can install these security mirrors on multiple types of walls, ceilings, trees, outdoor posts and a wide range of surfaces without compromising on flexibility. They are adjustable, allowing you to comfortably point them in all directions – giving you a wide angle view.

Made from a highly durable polyester that holds its shape, our industrial and commercial safety mirrors naturally have a wide range of advantages:

  • Can withstand extreme heat and cold without warping
  • A unique safety film prevents scratching and condensation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Reduces traffic accidents and thefts
  • Tough
  • Versatile
  • Flexible

Our range of wide-angle mirrors include:

  • Anti-theft mirrors

Minimize the threat of stock loss due to robbery.

  • Convex mirrors

‘Fish eye’ mirrors that give wide angle views of spaces regular mirrors and security cameras cannot see.

  • Flexible arms

Can rotate and be positioned to provide the best view of your shop, driveway, corners, or malls.

  • Full dome mirrors

Ceiling mounted, full dome provides a 360° view of offices, warehouses; a popular safety and security measure.

  • Half dome mirrors

Wall mounted, the 180° mirrors are to monitor pedestrian traffic in a corridor.

  • Quarter dome mirrors

Mounted in corners, these are widely used to monitor two interleading aisles and corridors.

  • Inspection mirrors

Used for all-angle viewing by security personnel to inspect underneath cars, machinery, industrial equipment, etc.

  • Luminescent mirrors

Brightly framed mirror that is easily located in the dark.

  • Reflective framed mirrors

Framed with reflective stickers and strips to ensure visibility on dark roads

Reduce traffic accidents, see what’s happening at a glance in your store, at schools, in parking areas, and at your business with Bollard Shop safety and security mirrors. They are convenient and will help reduce accident and theft, making the increase in security well worth the investment.