Add value to your bollards with first-rate chains

Bollard Shop is a leading supplier of chains across Australia, delivering quality solutions nationwide. Each item in our diverse product range complements another, making us your one-stop shop for safety equipment solutions for your residential or business needs. Contact us today.

Our selection of chains is the perfect accessory, particularly if you have purchased some of our quality bollards. They enhance the appearance of the bollards, buildings and surrounding landscape while still providing the functional benefit of creating a definitive perimeter.

We maintain healthy stock levels and our team of experts are on hand to provide any additional support you may need as well as advice. They will walk you through what 

options are best suited for your specific application and make sure you walk away having obtained real value for money. 

Galvanised chain

Coated in steel with a protective layer of zinc, the chain, when hung between bollards can be used to restrict access to worksites, grassed areas, driveways or to line walkways and paths.

The specifications of our galvanised chains are as follows:

  • 8mm (5/16) galvanised chain per meter
  • Finish: Galvanised
  • Note: Chain is not load rated

Plastic chain

Our plastic chains are formidable and act as effective barriers. They can be used to restrict access to work sites or to line walkways.

The specifications of our plastic chains are as follows:

  • 25 meters of 6mm
  • Partners well with our T-Top Bollards.
  • Colour: Chain is red and white alternating

Why choose us

Value for money – Extensive experience across different sectors with various applications is put to task to ensure you always get first-rate quality.

Convenience – Comprehensive services and our broad product range will ensure that you can find a holistic safety and security solution from our one-stop shop.

After-sales service – When you buy from us at our affordable prices you also become the beneficiary of our after-sales services if required, courtesy of our friendly and enthusiastic staff.

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