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Effective outdoor lighting is a critical for the safety of your home, office or factory. Security lighting used to be costly and require a fair bit of maintenance to ensure that all lights were working all the time. Now you can secure your premises with solar landscape lighting, which will provide you with additional lighting per bulb, does not need to connect to the national energy grid, will last longer than traditional lights, and save you money in the long term.

How to secure your premises with solar landscape lighting:

Solar lights on a path or driveway

Ensuring that all driveways, paths and outdoor areas are lit up, will go a long way to prevent trespassers from entering your property.

Perpetrators love the dark when they can skulk around with no chance of being seen. Installing strategic solar lights around your property will light up your premises, make it unwelcome for would-be trespassers and make your business or house stand out at night in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Motion sensors

If you do not want excessive light around your property you can make use of motion sensor solar powered lights. These will remain off until someone enters the senor’s field, which will activate the light, illuminating the prescribed area. This will deter trespassers and make it easy to see if anyone is around.

Remote areas

By using solar lights you are no longer reliant on the grid, meaning your power is dependent on the sun, not the national energy grid. This makes it easier to install solar security lights in remote locations. By using LED lights you know they will last longer than traditional lights, meaning far less maintenance and globe failures. This is critically important for far-flung premises, which your maintenance team can’t easily access.

Highlight objects at night

Night time security is not just about deterring unwelcome parties, but about safely navigating the outside of your home or work place. Lighting the appropriate areas will ensure you don’t fall in the fish pond, walk into a lamp post or ruin the flower bed. These lights can also use motion sensors or be left permanently on.

Timer switches

Timer switches are an excellent method for deterring criminals. As the lights are timed to go on and off at certain times, it means there is always a light or two shining on your property, with trespassers unable to tell at a glance that the property is empty.

Use LED lights

LED lighting is more expensive than incandescent lights, but they are simple to install and will last way longer than traditional globes. This means far less globes that need replacing. It will also save you about 75% on your electricity bill.

Safe & aesthetic

Just because you take your security seriously does not mean you have to compromise on aesthetics. Solar-powered LED lights offer you a range of attractive options. From cool looking light bollards to multi-coloured LED lights in your garden, they are the perfect answer to securing your property, while making it more attractive at the same time.

Speak to your local bollard specialists and choose your solar landscaping lights. We have a huge variety of solar-powered security lighting.

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