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Sure we have handbrakes, but sometimes it takes a super strength wheel stop to help prevent accidents

While we think of wheel stops as super heroes saving vehicles, buildings and people all over the world, most people think of it as hindrances. We’ve all seen clips of drivers’ making silly parking mistakes, don’t be one of them caught on camera whose car starts rolling down a hill and into a dumpster. To the ‘most people’ out there, here’s why you need to install rubber or metal wheel stops at your commercial or industrial premises today.

Bush blunders

Australia is known for its rugged, uneven terrain and while we don’t expect to see randomly placed wheel stops in the outback, various businesses such as tour or off-roading service providers should install them. An off-road vehicle uses some of the strongest types of braking and suspension in equipment. One unfortunate user put this to the test – unintentionally – near the Yeo Lake Nature Reserve in Western Australia. Setting off for his hike, he didn’t expect to come back and find his vehicle almost fully submerged in a nearby pool of water. The driver was not only stuck for a good few hours while waiting for help to arrive but it was also a very costly mishap.

While no one is to blame, the state could install wheel stops or bollards in natural areas like nature reserves and hiking trails to prevent accidents like this from happening.

City calamities

As if damage to your vehicle is not enough, try damaging the storefront of a popular fashion boutique and see how much that costs you. Now, we’re not here to name and shame, but let’s just say that a certain shopping village around Perth has not yet found use for the humble wheel stop. This was highly unfortunate in the case of a quick shopper who simply came to the centre a few groceries and essentials. After just 20 minutes, the driver of a brand new Toyota SUV found his vehicle in the display window of a store. While the mannequins made the vehicle feel right at home, the owner was not pleased. This is yet another expensive mistake that could have been avoided by installing a rubber wheel stop in the parking bays surrounding the stores.

Home hazard

In a residential setting, the homeowner is the only one responsible for vehicle rolling mishaps. You may think your ground is perfectly even, but more often than not, there is a slight incline/decline. A busy mom in Freemantle found this out the hard way. After picking up the kids and buying groceries to make supper, her mind was so preoccupied that she forgot to pull up the handbrake of her car. Slowly but surely, the car rolled itself out of the driveway and onto the pavement. Luckily, nothing was damaged and the walkway was free from playing children. Had there been more momentum, this could have been a major misfortune. For safety sake, we recommend installing a wheel stop at the bottom of your driveway.

As a business owner or homeowner, you can make your surroundings safe by installing rubber or metal wheel stops. At Bollard Shop, we stock a variety of this simple yet effective parking lot accessory. Whether you live in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or even Tasmania, you can purchase our durable, strong wheel stops from our online store as we ship Australia wide.

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