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165mm Base Plate Bollards

Types of Bollards and their uses

Different bollards used in our day to day lives Well, the truth is that almost no one knows what the term bollard refers to. This occurred because bollards are sold by a select few, while only a couple of specialized companies or local municipalities

Don’t think twice, you need a wheel stop!

Sure we have handbrakes, but sometimes it takes a super strength wheel stop to help prevent accidents While we think of wheel stops as super heroes saving vehicles, buildings and people all over the world, most people think of it as hindrances. We’ve all

The Bollard Sculpture Walk in Geelong

When you think of bollards, an image of a short post made of steel that directs the flow of traffic usually come to mind. While bollards are primarily used to protect people and property from harm, they can have another purpose. In the city

The Removable Bollard

With urban growth and development continually on the rise, the movement and accessibility needs of city spaces are continually in flux. Vehicles and people are constantly on the move in dynamic patterns, directions and destinations. Buildings are constructed and roads are widened, and with

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Artistic Bollards

The word ‘bollard’ may not form a part of the everyday person’s vocabulary or even garner much notice from the casual passer-by, but these humble traffic management tools seems to have captured the imagination of structural artists who seek to extend their work beyond

Security Bollards

Bollards are commonly known as traffic relievers and pedestrian protectors, but due to the rigid, unyielding nature of these structures, it’s not unusual to find posts strategically positioned throughout industrial sites and commercial areas to protect valuable goods and machinery. Anything from electronics to

Bollards – Traffic Safety Beacons

The demand for bollards has increased over time due to the rapid advances in technological development of transportation in the form of cars, buses, vans, lorries and motorbikes and coaches. As time progressed and streets became wider and busier, it became apparent that the

The History of the Bollard

As drivers and pedestrians we often take life-saving traffic regulating measures like road markings, fencing and, of course, bollards, for granted. How much do you know about these seemingly unimposing structures? Bollards are sturdy and reliable elements that keep society running smoothly, and are

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