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Bollards are commonly known as traffic relievers and pedestrian protectors, but due to the rigid, unyielding nature of these structures, it’s not unusual to find posts strategically positioned throughout industrial sites and commercial areas to protect valuable goods and machinery. Anything from electronics to machinery and utilities can be protected from theft or accidental collisions by installing a system of bollards to limit access to a given site.

The industries that use protective bollards as a security measure vary greatly. There is a vast selection of bollard types on the market that have been developed to meet a variety of industry-specific requirements. Steel posts, for example, can secured by burying it in the ground, or anchoring it to a hard surface.

Security bollards can be categorised into two types: crash-resistant bollards and non-crash resistant bollards.

Crash resistant bollards

Crash resistant bollards are often used by the military, either in their operations or to protect expensive hardware. These types of bollards are also used by retailers to prevent smash and grab style burglaries, whereby a car or truck could be driven directly into the store and exit for a hasty getaway. These bollards are tough and durable, constructed of solid steel, and virtually impossible to break. Crash resistant poles are engineered to withstand impacts of varying intensity and are normally priced according to its size and strength.

Non-crash resistant bollards

The second category is the non-crash resistant bollard. These bollards are used with a multi-purpose function in mind. Some industrial or commercial sites are located in the heart of a city where it is impossible to completely block off an area and prevent people from passing. Non-crash resistant bollards allow the unimpeded flow of pedestrian traffic around the site and can also be used as a means of security to protect a site and machinery from any destructive damage after hours.

When it comes to security, bollards remain a global favourite. It is used throughout most developed countries, has been designed to withstand worse-case scenarios and remains one of the sturdiest and reliable traffic management options on the market today.

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