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Public Spaces Safety

Outdoor Safety and Street Furniture

Without public infrastructures such as sidewalks, parks, squares, plazas, and campus areas, Australians wouldn’t be able to enjoy our beautiful cities as optimally. With pedestrians and cyclists making full use of sidewalks to commute or enjoy leisure-filled trips around the neighbourhood, it’s important to keep them safe with high-quality solutions that don’t weather over time. The same is true for parks and squares that require relevant traffic management outcomes to allow for proper flow during both routine and emergency situations.

Bollard Shop offers a range of products that ensure the safety of citizens in Australia’s public spaces:

Road Bollard Installation Services

Traffic Calming

Any area with high foot traffic needs to be managed to avoid congestion and the risk of stampeding during emergency situations. With the use of physical design, Bollard Shop can improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the busiest of public spaces. Whether you’re looking for traffic cones or a multitude of bollard applications, we can attend to all your traffic calming needs.

Pedestrian Barriers

Barriers are the ideal solution for keeping pedestrians safe from vehicle collisions. Our range of application-specific bollards is secure, durable, and flexible, having been tested extensively with full-scale crash simulations. Their high-quality construction is thanks to a zero-compromise policy on the standard of each one of our products, with a dedication to the safety of all Australian citizens.

Street Furniture

Bollard Shop stocks a range of antique bollards that will add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor environment, simultaneously serving as a means of protection from unauthorised vehicle entry. View our selection here.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting activates public spaces at night time, allowing people to enjoy their city’s infrastructure for longer and at times that suit the whole family. On top of this, the right lighting solutions ensure the safety of citizens by eliminating the risk of unexpected crimes that take place due to a lack of visibility. Our solar lights harness the sun’s energy for a practical, cost-effective solution. Included in our range are solar bollards that can light up a street or demarcated area at night.

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When it comes to customer satisfaction, Bollard Shop employees go out of their way to ensure they meet your every requirement. Whether you’re looking for some friendly advice or a fully-fledged public safety installation, we treat every one of our interactions with the same dedication and attention to detail.

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