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Airport Security and Safety Products

Australia’s airports are our gateways to the globe, serving as both a way in and out of the country. This access needs to be protected, with security undoubtedly serving as the most important factor at domestic and international airports around the world. However, how do we ensure the safety of the millions of individuals that move through these vitally important spaces? The answer consists of a series of protective measures that work together as one cohesive system.

Since 2001, Bollard Shop has been supplying effective building safety products to businesses, homes, and commercial sites across Australia. When it comes to airports, we’ve designed and built a variety of products that tackle specific problems in the most sophisticated manner possible.

Have a look at some of our products that are directly related to airport security:

Ram Raid Bollards

Specially designed to prevent intruders from gaining access to your premises by driving a vehicle through roller doors or glass walls, ram raid bollards – also known as anti-terror bollards – help airports eliminate the risk of vehicle-driven attacks on citizens. We also stock a range of other security bollards.

Convex and Dome Safety Mirrors

Convex mirrors have wider fields of view, helping drivers avoid accidents in areas with limited visibility, usually around blind corners. On top of this, they’re used in anti-theft efforts to make people more aware of their complete surroundings. Also known as ‘fish eye mirrors‘, this safety measure can be installed anywhere from walls, ceilings, trees, and outdoor posts.

Traffic Barriers

Used to prevent vehicles from colliding with dangerous obstacles, pedestrians, or entering unauthorised areas, traffic barriers form a vital part of any airport’s infrastructure. Bollard Shop stocks products that have undergone extensive simulated crash testing, ensuring they can withstand impact and carry out their purpose successfully.

Safety Islands

As an area within a roadway from which vehicular traffic is excluded, safety islands provide security for pedestrians and channel traffic flow. These are both vitally important at busy airports with cars and pedestrians using the same pathways.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

These solutions are often implemented around buildings or public spaces that are of particular significance. Hostile vehicle mitigation is a form of protection that uses barriers and landscape treatments to resist hostile vehicle penetration of a variety of automobiles moving at different speeds. With terrorism a real threat to any developed nation around the world, it is imperative to install hostile vehicle mitigation solutions to all Australian airports to ensure the safety of our people.

Car Park Bollards

With the option of installing fixed, removable and folding car park bollards, you’ll be able to control vehicular access to your public or private spaces while simultaneously protecting them from criminal activity such as theft. Have a look at all the bollards we stock here.

Safety First

Operating out of both Brisbane and Perth, Bollard Shop houses a team of highly-trained technicians that will take the time to understand your exact requirements. Each member of our staff has extensive experience in installation, inspection, maintenance and repairs, with a dedication to the security of all Australians – big and small.

Find out how we can equip potential or existing airports with all the necessary safety infrastructure. We’re just a call away on 1300 766 003, or you can make use of our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you with a detailed, obligation-free quote.

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