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The end of the financial year is always a busy time, it’s when we take stock, both of our products and our finances. We take a solid look back at the year in review, while planning and budgeting for the upcoming year. The good news is, that while the financial year end has come and gone, we are still clearing sales items, making this a good opportunity to buy what you need for the year ahead at discounted prices. Check out our specials here.

Planning your budget

With the end of the last financial year slowly disappearing from view and the planning for this year’s budget probably still under way, this time of year is often a great time to pick up bargains for the upcoming year. That’ because many companies are still clearing old stock and sales are everywhere. The Bollard Shop sale is running until the end of the month, with many items available at cut rates.

Safety first

When it comes to the safety of you, your staff, clients and the general public, there can be no compromise. This is not something that you can stint on, because the consequences can be serious. That’s another reason to take advantage of discounted items, stock up on your safety necessities now, so you don’t get caught wanting later.

Wide range of uses

Whether you need safety bollards for public roads and parking areas, or want to decorate a local park or garden with solar powered lights attached to bollards, we have an affordable solution; even cheaper now that we are running these end of year specials. The sale ends on July 31, so hurry while discounted stocks last. Prices will be varied with discounts applied to certain products in each category. We have large quantities of stock available, and we want to move all discounted goods before the end of the month.

15 years of excellent products and outstanding

As a proudly Western Australian owned and operated business, we have been servicing the local community since 2001. In addition to bollards, we sell speed humps, convex mirrors, wheel stops and safety tape; we also stock a variety of building products suitable for airports, shopping centres hospitals and schools.

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Whatever you need

Whether you require permanent safety bollards, or transportable ones that can be moved from location to location, we’ve got what you need. We can also send out someone to install these bollards if required.

Contact Perth and Australia’s bollard specialists today and take advantage of our end of financial year sale.

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