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Solar Lights

Solar street lights and wall lights

When it comes to lighting, harnessing the sun’s energy is the most practical and cost-effective solution. Using solar lights has become the single best way to light parks, gardens, walkways, footpaths and swimming pools. Solar power is kind to your pocket and kinder to the environment. Contact us for all your solar lighting needs.

Multiple uses for solar powered lights

Whether you want to light a public walkway, a dark driveway, or add some sparkle to your garden, you need to deal with industry experts who supply a variety of solar products. This is where the Bollard Shop comes in. We stock a wide range of solar powered lights, in addition to our variety of bollards, safety mirrors and other everyday products.

Advantages of using solar lights

  •  Once installed, solar lights use free energy and emit no harmful substances.
  •  Solar continues to produce energy even on days when the sun doesn’t shine.
  •  Minimal maintenance.
  •  Solar panels are long lasting, up to 30 years in some cases.
  •  Flexible – install them anywhere from buildings to streets and gardens.
  •  Safer than running electric lights.
  •  More attractive.

Different kind of solar lights:

  •  Solar Street Lights

    Solar street lights are ideal for lining streets, roads, avenues and lanes. They make areas safer, more attractive at night, and require almost zero maintenance once installed.
  •  Solar Bollards

    Bollards have always served a useful purpose in restricting access to certain areas and keeping people safe during the day. Today’s solar bollard lights play an additional role. They can now light a street or a demarcated area at night, providing added safety for pedestrians and cars.
  •  Solar Garden Lights

    Add a new dimension to your garden with bollard garden lights. Light up your garden at night, make your fishpond stand out with coloured solar pond lights or light the front yard path with solar pathway lights. These lights, which require almost no maintenance once installed, will make your outdoor area more usable at night, and they are great for summertime barbeques.
  •  Solar Motion Lights

    Increase the security at your home or commercial premises with solar motion lights. These lights are long lasting, are powered by the sun, and require minimal maintenance. Solar motion sensor lights are also great for night-time security, especially when you are away on holiday or business.

Light the way with The Bollard Shop’s array of solar lights. Contact us for more information.