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From stores to street corners the convex mirror has a variety of uses

The word convex means to curve outwards. So when light comes into contact with a convex mirror or surface, the light is spread out, making these types of mirrors exceptionally useful for a number of safety and security reasons.

Store security

Convex mirrors are often placed on store ceilings allowing the store manager or security to view a large area of the store at once. These mirrors act as both a preventative measure, stopping would be shop lifters from stealing, and help security personnel spot those that do.


The problem with ATMs is that the person withdrawing money often has his/her back exposed while they are concentrating on their transaction. By placing convex mirrors in a suitable place, the person withdrawing cash can keep an eye on what is going on behind them, allowing them to react in time, should someone suspicious appear.

On roads, bends or driveway entrances

The most useful aspect of convex mirrors is they allow you to see round corners and bends. This makes them particularly useful for blind corners, sharp bends, and your driveway, if you can’t see the oncoming traffic. By placing these mirrors at a suitable height, they allow you to see vehicles coming, when you can’t see them with the naked eye. This means that instead of exiting your driveway inch by inch, more in hope than anything else, you can now see whether the road is clear before exiting.

The same goes for sharp corners, when you can’t see oncoming traffic, a strategically placed convex mirror allows you to see what’s around the corner, and likewise for the oncoming vehicle, making you both more aware and warning you to slow down.

The same principal applies to parking garages. When oncoming cars are approaching and there’s a blind corner ahead, these mirrors allow you to see each other, forcing you to take evasive action or slow down in time.

Vehicles – rear view mirrors

Cars regularly use convex mirrors as an option for their side view mirrors as they offer a wider angle of vision and a larger field of view, eliminating the ‘blind spot’ so prevalent in most regular car side mirrors. The problem with these mirrors is they give a slightly smaller relative image, meaning that you can now see all vehicles but they are often closer than they appear in your mirror.

To scan the underneath of cars

Ever been to an institution, whether a government department, military base or any place that requires additional security. Ever noticed that the security personnel use a mirror on a pole to scan the underside of your car. Those are convex mirrors and allow them to scan the complete underside of your vehicle without having to climb under the car itself.

Streetlight reflectors

Convex streetlight reflectors are used to spread the light over a wider area allowing for more effective use of each street light.


Convex mirrors are sometimes used as sunglass lenses. They reflect sunlight away from your eyes, adding some additional protection, particularly useful when hiking in bright sunlight and snow.

Dentist mirrors

You guessed it, those little dentist mirrors that your dentist uses to identify your cavities and dodgy teeth – convex. Which means they don’t need to stick the mirror all the way to the back of your mouth to identify any trouble spots.

Contact your local safety products stockists and view their range of convex mirrors for a variety of uses.

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