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Light your garden, walkway or public area with solar powered bollard lights

When it comes to solar lighting, it seems like it has been around forever but has still not quite arrived. It seems to be one of those things we read and hear about but don’t see that often in everyday life. Luckily this is changing. With solar technology improving all the time and costs coming down at a rapid rate, we are starting to see more and more solar applications come to light.

Bollards are no different. While bollards were once just functional safety barriers, today they serve multiple functions, including aesthetic, security and lighting, often all at once. As bollards are generally used outdoors, it makes sense to use the most powerful, natural energy source we have, the sun, to power these lights. This has resulted in a range of new and funky solar light bollards, which are now functional both during the day and at night.

Use them as street barriers to protect pedestrians, as safety barriers to safeguard restricted areas from vehicles, and in your garden to provide beautiful lighting and make your outdoor area more atmospheric and usable at night.

Many bollards are installed with smart-chip sensors that switch the lights on and off according to light conditions. This way, even during the day when weather conditions are gloomy, the bollards will light up making them more visible and providing light to the surrounding areas. Of course when the sun shines, the solar panels act like a sponge soaking up the sun’s rays in preparation for when they are needed.

The beauty of solar light bollards is that they are hardy, resistant to the harshest weather conditions, versatile and attractive. You’ll find them on gate pillars, in parks, schoolyards, outside buildings, in private and public gardens, lighting walkways, outside government buildings, lining the red carpet, the list is endless.

The main advantage of solar powered bollard lights is that they don’t require any cabling or trenching, allowing you greater flexibility in where you place them, and less chance of damage. In addition, they aren’t affected by power outages. They are easy to install and can be moved quickly and easily depending on how you have installed them.

An added benefit of solar lights is that they typically use LED lights, which are brighter and last longer than regular bulbs. They may require additional sunlight to power, so try to ensure that your solar panels receive as much sunlight as possible.

Gardens can be as much fun at night as they are during the day, especially when using adequate solar lighting. A walk around a solar-lit garden at night will reveal a host of different sights that you don’t see during the day. While most flowers won’t be open, seeing a landscaped area with a range of well-placed bollard lights makes for a fun and educational walk. Look closely and see how many night creatures you can spot.

Harbours are taking advantage of solar bollard lights to provide night lighting for boats and other watercraft, and many public amenities now use coloured solar lights to provide a funkier, more alternative lighting vibe to traditional white lights.

Whatever you decide, solar light bollards are clearly the way to go, providing you with reliable and hardy lighting solutions that use no wires, are easy to install and can be moved with comparative ease.

Speak to your local bollard specialists and choose your solar light bollards, you’ll find an endless range of uses for them.

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