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Shielding people or buildings from vehicle collisions has become increasingly popular during the past years. Some studies reveal that more than 400 injuries per year happen due to vehicles colliding with buildings. This is an important concern for any business, including government facilities, which is the main reason why protective bollards are installed. It has become common practice to protect buildings with steel bollards, as it is a great solution for these types of safety issues.

Security bollards vs. security barriers

A security bollard represents a short multi-purpose vertical item that can offer increased security or traffic control in a specific location. It can be constructed from concrete, iron or most commonly from stainless steel.

On the other hand, security barriers act like a protective fence that control strictly the entrance or exist for a designated perimeter such as school, campuses, hospitals or public buildings. Yet this type of security improvement is rather costly when compared to the installation of a security bollard, being the main reason why businesses opt for defending buildings with steel bollards.

Using protective bollards to boost property security

There are several situations in which protective bollards can be used, especially steel bollards that are popular for their durability.

Benefits of installing steel bollard posts


Steel bollards are great for boosting safety of pedestrians, along with protecting buildings from unexpected accidents or potential attacks. Bollards function similarly to a barrier or fence, yet they do not stand out as obstructive when installed in places such as malls, campuses or civic centers. Thus, one of the main benefits of installing steel bollards is the fact that they boost security without having a negative impact on the surrounding landscape.

Land marking

Setting up a row of protective bollards in front of your business can increase awareness of your location and act as a landmark. Hence, steel bollards can act as both property protectors and landmarks, ultimately making your business easier to be observed.

Aesthetic tool

Well, if you choose a decorative steel bollard, you can even an extra touch of style to the surrounding environment. A storefront or security perimeter can look completely different if a decorative bollard is used for delimiting the perimeter.

Visual harmony

Other benefits of installing steel bollards are related to the fact that these posts can create a visual containment. Steel bollards positioned along sidewalks can prevent pedestrian traffic from getting outside the zone. Also, they set up a broader visual boundary, which can make the first impression of your business greater than expected.

Common types of steel bollards used for building protection

Crash resistant steel bollards are designed and tested to determine their level of impact resistance if a vehicle collision occurs. These bollards are usually installed in from of government buildings, yet they can be seen in airports, seaports, energy facilities, industrial sites and most commonly in commercial zones.

Besides the fixed steel bollards, there are available retractable and removable crash resistant bollards, which can turn out to be helpful in situations such as emergencies when first responders need to enter a certain building quickly.

Designing a bollard that’s both safe and eye catching requires attention to details. Distinct sizes or mechanical functions, along with several qualitative materials are what recommends steel bollards as the best solution for increasing a building’s security.

At the same time, steel bollards can be turned into decorative elements to better suit the landscape. This will offer the following benefits:

Managing traffic and establishing safe pedestrian routes around your organization or business is more than necessary nowadays. The steel bollards installation process starts with evaluating the area surrounding your commercial or residential site, which will establish what type of steel bollard you need to offer the best security measure.

In addition, adding steel bollards to your perimeter will offer the right visibility measures for your location, making everything noticeable in the area. A customer or visitor first impression of a business or organization is formed from the entrance. Thus, using bollards will transmit the message that you value both your personnel and customers, which is why you focused on creating a secure perimeter for pedestrians.

Protective bollards are a must have addition for any reputable business, as it will defend the building and protect pedestrians. You can opt for a wide range of protective bollards, depending on your needs, whilst personalization is advantageous to making it easier to incorporate steel pipe bollards in any type of environment.

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