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Solar Parking Protector – Heavy Duty

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Solar Powered Parking Protector – The Biggest and the Best

Our solar parking protectors are not only taller than most of our competitors but are currently the largest automatic parking protector available.

No need to inconveniently have to open the parking protector to charge the batteries time and time again as ours also have a built-in solar panel. This means you have the confidence in knowing it will work when you need it, every time.

Do You

  • Hate having another vehicle park in your allocated parking bay.
  • Hate getting wet trying to fold or unlock the standard parking protector you already have.
  • Hate holding up traffic in the parking lot while dealing with your standard parking protector.

Are you

  • Looking for a simple solution to help protect your car bay from unwanted vehicles?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then we have the solution for you.

Solar Powered Parking Protector

With a quick 6 second up / down time our Solar Powered Parking Protector can be controlled remotely from the comfort of your car.  So no need to hold up traffic behind you while you exit your car to manually lower / raise standard Parking Protectors.

Our Solar Powered Parking Protectors are just that – Solar Powered so there is no need to be messing around changing batteries.  Even cloudy wet days are not a problem for our Solar Powered Parking Protectors as once fully charged the internal battery will last for weeks even MONTHS, without needing to see full sunlight.

If for some reason the battery does become uncharged due to poor lighting (i.e. undercover installation) then simply use the key that is supplied to lower the Parking Protector manually, remove the battery and recharge it with the battery charger which also comes with your Solar Powered Parking Protector.


  • Large 6V @ 7Ah Battery
  • Up to 3 months use if no sunlight available (i.e. Indoor Installation)
  • Rising / Lowering time of 6 Seconds
  • 15 meters range with remote
  • Temp range of -20c to 55C
  • Large 530mm barrier
  • Water proof
  • LED warning light for low power
  • Reboundable arm for protection if hit
  • Heavy Duty Model
  • Low 80mm Height when folded down
  • Dimensions: 590mm x 570mm x 100mm

*Please note: the parking protector is not designed to withstand being run over/hit by cars. If this does happen, the warranty on the unit will be voided*

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 63 × 63 × 13 cm

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Solar Parking Protector – Heavy Duty

Original price was: $457.38.Current price is: $320.76.

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