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Whether you are planning to paint lines in a parking lot or you want to create an area for playing basketball in your driveway, you should always opt for the highest quality paint. Asphalt is a semi-flexible paving surface, which prevents paint for sticking to it. If you select the wrong paint for your asphalt, it will most likely peel off when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Let’s take a look at what the best paint types for driveways and asphalt are.

What type of paint is used for road marking on asphalt? 

Thermoplastic paint

This is the most professional, high-grade resistant paint for asphalt, usually applied in road marking. It is thick, wear-resistant, and it has reflective properties. It is great for parking areas, as they resist continuous tear, but are most frequently used for lane lines delimitations, too. For DIY projects, you can use this paint to create playground games, or sports courts with pitch markings.

Acrylic paint

This is a polymer-based, water-soluble paint that will prevent lines from lifting off the asphalt once applied. You can design your lines with a brush, roller, or sprayer.

Coal Tar paint

Coal tar is the cost-effective version of acrylic paint, still, it is more caustic to work with. It is best to use protective equipment while applying it. It is mixed with other polymers and can withstand adverse conditions, such as prolonged sun exposure or extreme cold. Usually, this is a type of black sealant used as paint coverage for broader areas of asphalt

Oil-based paint

This is a slow drying paint blend, with impressive resistance to heavy traffic. Still, because it is oil-based, it most likely ends up cracking in time.

Water-based latex paint

Water-based latex paint can be customized for asphalt in distinct colors. It is best to apply it only after the asphalt has been sealed with another paint, such as coal tar. Water-based latex paint is the fastest drying paint for asphalt, as it requires only three hours to dry.

Tips on how to paint your driveway at home

painted parking baysBefore you start the DIY project on your driveway at home, you should know that there are a couple of steps that need to be followed for the best results.

Preparing the driveway

First of all, before painting the surface, you should clean the area and apply a fresh coat of paint. Allow it to dry, and look for cracks or any other issues with the paint. If everything is ok, you can move forward to the next step.

Removing cracks

It is normal for many driveways to have some issues like dents, holes or cracks. Before painting the area, you should remove any small pieces or indentations on the surface. Make sure there is no dust left behind.

Fixing cracks

And now that you’ve cleaned those cracks, you should use concrete repair caulk to fix them. Simply fill the hole and smooth the caulk. Keep in mind that if you have a bigger hole, it is best to fill it with premixed mortar and level it.

Paint the area

After checking all the steps above, you can finally paint the driveway. Make sure you follow the guidelines for preparing and applying the paint. It is best to use a nap roller to spread the first paint coat evenly across the driveway. After making sure you covered the entire surface, you can start applying the second layer. Make sure you allow the surface to dry properly before using it. In this way, you will prevent paint damage, and you will increase its lifespan.

Choosing a company for a broad road marking project

underground parking line marking Of course, if your project is more extensive, you might require a road marking company. There are a couple of things you need to consider, before selecting a provider:

  1. The company you choose for your road marking project must have experience with the type of project you have in mind;
  2. The company must have a professional team that will allow them to offer fast results. An ideal road line marking contractor has enough staff members to manage the project as smoothly as possible;
  3. One of the most important aspects is the quality of the materials used. A professional contractor will know what the best materials are depending on the type of project. Keep in mind that decorative areas such as, highways, park zones, or driveways come with distinct regulations for road marking;
  4. The company must have a vast portfolio of similar projects so that you can be sure their team will know how to manage your requirements.

For road markings, usually white waterborne paint, thermoplastics, and cold applied plastic are used. Make sure you ask for additional information about the type of paint suitable for your current road conditions.

The bottom line is that you can opt for painting your driveway yourself, but for larger Commercial Line Marking Projects we recommend you consider the services of a professional. At the Bollard Shop, we offer line marking solutions depending on the driveway or road that needs a paint job. We strive to use the highest quality paint on the market, as we understand it needs to lead to long-lasting results. We have several solutions for road markings, and we can even provide you with the perfect protective bollards to protect your property and parking structures.


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