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convex A convex or safety mirror is meant to boost security and lower the risk of collisions in specific traffic areas. We have prepared some guidelines and information you will need to better understand what a convex mirror is and how to select the suitable convex mirror for your premises.

What is a convex mirror?

A convex mirror comes with a reflective surface that curves outward. It has a point where all the light that hits it appears to focus. Usually, such mirrors are used for safety purposes in areas where an object obstructs traffic visibility.

What are the primary uses of convex mirrors?

Convex mirrors have many purposes, and they can be installed both indoor and outdoor. They can be found in hospitals, hotels, schools, stores, apartment buildings, warehouses, or specific workplaces that require extra visibility. Besides, convex mirrors are an excellent aid for increasing road safety for motorists on roads, driveways, or alleys where visibility is low.

How to select a convex mirror

When purchasing a convex mirror, you should take into account several product characteristics. Different types of convex mirrors are designed to suit the needs of specific spaces. Besides, the sides of the mirror offers excellent security, which is why you need to take it into account too. The main characteristics you need to consider when selecting a convex mirror include:

  1. Deciding between an internal or an external convex mirror. For outdoor usage, the convex mirror needs to come with extra safety features, along with weatherproof capabilities. Usually, outdoor convex mirrors come with sturdy brackets that prevent the mirror from shifting. Also, they have a sun visor to prevent glare. Indoor convex mirrors are frequently designed with no brackets, while the primary mounting material used is wood.
  2. Choosing the correct size for your safety mirror is extremely important. Depending on the viewing distance you want to to achieve, you can select the mirror’s size and curvature to cover the area adequately. It is best to consult a professional, in order to be sure you made the right choice.
  3. The material of which a convex mirror is made will determine its lifespan. Stainless steel safety mirrors are heavy-duty and are usually used in areas prone to vandalism. Also, such mirrors come with extremely high quality glass. On the other hand, the acrylic convex mirror offers a clear reflection and can resist more damage. These mirrors are mostly used indoors, where is low risk for damage.
  4. An excellent convex mirror offers the best safety features, it is heat, frost, and fog-resistant. Also, a self-cleaning feature is essential for prolonged usage of the mirror.
  5. The size of the convex mirror is another determining factor, and the general rules state, that the broader the mirror, the more visibility it will provide.

Image characteristics for convex mirrors

convex mirrors smallConvex mirrors differ from concave mirrors in that the image created by a convex mirror cannot be projected on a screen. This type of image is known as a virtual image.

However, the image formed on a convex mirror can be described as virtual, diminished in size, and upright.


The principal focus of the convex mirror

The primary focus of a convex mirror is determined by the number of rays parallel to the principal axis. When reflected, they appear to meet at a point on the principal axis. As a common rule, when an object is positioned in front of a convex mirror, it seems upright, resembling the real image quite well. The sole distinction is that the reflection is zoomed out, as it appears to be diminished in nature.

Convex mirror installation

full dome mirrorsIn most situations, a convex mirror is simple to set up, and depending on its purpose can be installed on a wall or on a post. Still, it is always best to opt for the services of a professional for better handling of this type of security mirror. Also, if you are installing an outdoor convex mirror, extra attention to security details is necessary. The type of convex mirror used might require one or more brackets. The most common convex mirrors for security purposes are:

Differences between concave and convex mirrors

There are several differences between concave and convex mirrors, which need to be taken into account prior to purchasing either one of those mirrors.


Concave mirrors form real and inverted images. Convex mirrors create virtual and upright images.

Type of image formed:

The images created by the concave mirrors are magnified, while the images created by convex mirrors are diminished.

The size of the image:

Concave mirrors create images that seem larger than the original sizes. Whereas, the object created by a convex mirror is smaller than its original size.

Effects of the position of an item: 

Concave mirrors create real, inverted images, while convex mirrors lead to upright images no matter what the location of the object is.

Focal point:

The focal point of the concave mirror is in front of the mirror. The convex mirror has a focal point positioned behind the mirror.

Other names:

Concave mirrors are commonly referred to as converging mirrors due to the parallel light that falls on the mirror surface. A convex mirror is a diverging mirror due to the light beam that comes from the same source to reflect and diverge.

This being said, choosing a convex mirror for your business can be quite simple when knowing all the facts about it. At Bollard Shop our team is always ready to assess your needs and provide a tailored security solution. Choosing the correct indoor or outdoor convex mirror will greatly increase the safety of your premises.

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