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Nowadays, driving a car is synonymous with danger, as there are more and more things available to distract us whilst driving than there ever was. Some drivers are overconfident about their driving skills, others play with their smart gadgets whilst driving. All of these actions have the potential to turn into extremely dangerous situations.

This is the main reason why traffic specialist’s focus on finding more ways in which driver awareness can be boosted, a critical factor that can prevent car accidents. In addition, some experiments revealed that one of the best ways of preventing collisions are flexible bollards. They can become life savers if positioned correctly in a heavily trafficked area.

What is a flexible traffic bollard?

The main reason why flexible traffic bollards should be used frequently is the fact that they come with a boosted visibility indicator, which betters driver awareness significantly. Because they are visible, these bollards have the power of preventing serious accidents from occurring.

A flexible traffic bollard is suitable for high traffic areas and are meant to delimit pedestrian areas from traffic. If a driver hits a flexible post, it will only make a loud noise and it will stop the car from moving. In most situations, flexible bollards are designed with reflective markings, which make them visible even in low light conditions or at night.

What type of protection can a flexible bollard provide?

Flexible bollards posts are great for parking and trafficked areas, as they act as a visual cue for drivers and offer extra security for pedestrians. Besides this, flexible bollards can offer other benefits, too, when it comes to safety concerns.

Flexible traffic bollards aid in diminishing collision damage

If a vehicle accidentally hits a flexible bollard post, this will simply spring back in action, causing little to no damage to the vehicle. These traffic bollards are usually employed for parking spaces in commercial or residential zones due to the fact that drivers are more often required to reverse their cars.

Flexible bollards and traffic calming

Safety flexible bollards are suitable for delineating car-free zones, preventing unauthorized parking on sidewalks and, of course, diminishing traffic speed by narrowing lanes. In addition, if flexible bollards are installed along driving roads, it was observed that they have the power of increasing safety, as they diminish the frequency of car accidents.

Reflective flexible bollards and night visibility

Due to the fact that flexible bollards can be personalized, they turn out to be of great aid during night. Usually, reflective bollards are used to delimit sensitive areas, yet if used on roads, they act as a visual cue for drivers. Also, if an accident happens, they prevent and significantly diminish the chances of a car accident, as they might have the power of stopping the car approaching it.

Benefits of flexible bollard posts

Why you should install a flexible bollard?

Well, besides the safety benefits, there are several great reasons why you should consider using a flexible bollard post.

First of all, even though these posts are flexible, they are rather strong and can withstand an impact of over 250kg. Installing several flexible bollards will boost their effectiveness, as each post can manage distinct forces and will raise back to its upright position undamaged after impact.

Another great thing about using a flexible bollard is that it is rather easy to install and requires little to no maintenance. Also, you can opt for transforming it into a decorative element with the aid of a covering or a reflective marking. A reflective bollard will be even easier to spot and will assure you vehicle collision chances are at their lowest.

Safety, flexible bollards represent the best tested and highly sold solution for accident prevention in trafficked areas. They are considered to be efficient, durable, robust and great as a visual cue. In addition, the reflective tape incorporated in their design offers maximum visibility.

In most situations, flexible bollards are great for use in curb lines, widened sidewalks, roundabouts or traffic islands. If a car accidentally runs over them, they will stop the car and bend back. You can always opt for adding bendable lights inside for better visibility, as those won’t be affected by any type of Collison.

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