The End of the Financial Year

The end of the financial year is always a busy time, it’s when we take stock, both of our products and our finances. We take a solid look back at the year in review, while planning and budgeting for the upcoming year. The good news is, that while the financial year end has come and gone, we are still clearing sales items, making this a good opportunity to buy what you need for the year ahead at discounted prices. Check out our specials here. Planning your budget With the end of the last financial year slowly disappearing from view and the planning for this year’s budget probably still under way, this time of year is often a great time to pick […]

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Light up your landscape

Solar lights that are perfect for your garden Beauty or security? Many feel that with security lights in their garden, it may dim the beauty of a well-kept garden. It may seem impossible but you can have the security element while maintaining a beautiful ambience. Solar powered lights have become increasingly popular and are the lighting option of choice for pathways. However, when we think of solar powered lights for our garden, we think of a few bland spotlights installed on the pathway and we’re done. This does not have to be the case. With recent advances in solar lighting technology, you will never have to choose between safety and beauty again. There are a few things to remember when […]

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How to keep your home safe and secure in winter

Keep intruders at bay during winter If you’re a commercial or residential property owner, then you know the importance of keeping your property safe. Yet, many people use the same security measures during winter months. It’s not the wrong method, but you should be extra vigilant during this season. Along with some chilly weather, winter is the time that burglaries spike. The reason is a simple one: it gets darker a lot earlier in winter, meaning there is more opportunity for intruders to strike. There are two things that will protect your home and office buildings from intruders: lighting and security cameras. Light it up Ample lighting will help keep intruders at bay, and, therefore, should be your priority. The […]

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Shining a light on solar lighting

Solar lights provide security and illumination in needed areas, and by installing lights on your commercial property, it safeguards you against potential burglaries. The neighbouring premises have recently installed solar security lighting. You notice that their building is well lit and there is ample light in their entry and exit areas. You start asking them questions, and you’re surprised to find out that the process is not as complicated. Your mind is now set and you’re ready to make the switch to solar. The next day, you’re taking a walk around your property to decide on suitable areas for solar security lights. Should I be using commercial solar security lights? Using solar security lights is a great way to increase […]

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