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Solar PIR Security Light SSL-01

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Solar PIR Security Light SSL-01

LED: 1000 Lumens

Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion

Solar Panel: Mono-crystalline Silicon 17% efficiency with 3.5 meter cable

Installation Height: Between 2.5 – 3.5 meters

Solar Charge Time: 11 hours in bright sunlight

Lighting Time: More than 5 nights

Lighting Mode: Dark / Dim / Bright

Waterproof: IP 65

Material: Aluminium alloy  Toughened glass

Size: 242.5mm x 120.5mm x 92mm

Working Temperatures: -25C to 65C

Application: Street, Courtyard, Roadway, Pathways, Campus, Parking lots, Garden, Parks, Private Roads, Side Walks, Farms, Security, Remote Areas

During daylight hours the light is completely off.

At night the light will come on to ~10% brightness and stay on all night

If any motion is detected the light will go to 100 % brightness.

After 30 seconds of no movement detected light will dim back to 10 %

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