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Recycled Plastic Bollards – Square

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Our 100% recycled plastic, environmentally friendly Bollards, are made from high quality (non-toxic) recycled plastic, sourced from the packaging industry. Using this material reduces waste in landfill by re-purposing, otherwise wasted clean plastic materials, like plastic containers, shopping bags and drink bottles. It also helps to reduce the use of timber products, which often rely on some of our precious natural resources. Recycled plastic Bollards are helping create a more sustainable Traffic Safety Product industry.

The recycled plastic is composed of a proportion of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene). The plastic is sorted, graded and blended with UV stabilisers. The recycling and manufacturing process ensures the bollards are robust, UV resistant frost and rot proof. A great alternative to timber and environmentally friendly!

Production Process:

The different plastics are grounded, mixed and fused together under high temperatures and pressed into moulds. During production, the material is mass coloured in order to obtain a homogeneous colour.


The surface is knot free, evenly coloured black with a slightly shining structure.


The material is easy to work (comparable to wood): screwing, nailing, sawing, drilling, planning, milling, stapling etc. are easily achieved.


Bollards contain a steel bar in core for added strength.

Breaking strength = 15.66-17.73 MPA

Stretch at breaking = 3.86-14.66%

Maximal pulling strength: 15.75- 17.81 MPA

Stretch at maximal pulling strength 3.86-4.59%

Shock resistance ( EN ISO 179) -average impact: 12.79-17.57kg/m2 -average impact: 0.51-0.70J

Bending test (ISO 178) -e-module: 550 MPA -maximal press force: 22.17 MPA Bend at max. press force: 7.18%

Pressure test: from 1700 N/cm2: light pressure, from 3100 N/cm2: impression, from 6300 N/cm2: no more resistance


  • Height:  1400mm
  • Width:  130mm square
  • Weight : 27Kg
  • 100% Recycled Plastic Material

Additional information

Weight22.4 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 140 cm


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