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Dynaflex Reboundable Bollard

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Fexible sign bases are used in roadside and median situations for the support of traffic signs in areas prone to vehicle override. They are designed to minimise damage during a vehicle impact and subsequently return to their normal upright position after an impact occurs thus negating the need for replacement after a single impact.
In the growing demand for large vehicle transportation on WA roads for the Mining and Energy industries a flexible signage base to allow faster transport times through heavily populated areas both metro and country areas, has highlighted a need for the use of flexible signs where cross median and pedestrian path access is required with no reduction in safety signage for normal day to day road usage.The single flexible post base assembly has been UV rated, and tested for impact at 100 Kph to return to original position.
  • Height: 1004mm
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Weight: 1.2Kg

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