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Wheel Stops – Brisbane & Sydney

Rubber & concrete wheel stops

Wheel stops are a simple and effective solution used to protect vehicles and property from damage while they are being parked. These stops can work in a variety of car parking situations; they are unobtrusive, but easily noticed, and are tough and durable. They come in both rubber, concrete and steel versions. When it comes to the health and safety requirements for any construction job in Brisbane or Sydney, you want to use the right products for your needs. Wheel stops are versatile with a range of uses across multiple industries. Check out our selection at our Brisbane or Sydney branches.

Many owners and managers of commercial car parks think that concrete kerbs are enough protection and that wheel stops are not needed.

This is, however, not true. If a kerb is higher than 100mm, then car stoppers are required to protect the front skirts of your vehicle. The corollary is that concrete wheel stops should never be greater than 100mm in height.

The Australia Standard AS2890.1:2004 states that the physical dimensions for wheel stops should be a height between 90 and 100mm and a width of 1650 +/- 50mm.

Another benefit of using carpark wheelstops lies in the design. Black and yellow is the preferred colour combination as they suit the surface in most carpark spaces. This makes them easily visible. Parking wheelstops are the perfect solution because they are a small effective addition to your parking spaces.

Construction boom in Brisbane

Brisbane, long the less fancied member of Australia’s major cities, has upped its game big time in recent years. The city has hit a construction boom with industrial developers changing the face of the region.

With a low interest rate environment enticing property buyers, and a trend that is seeing many people turn their storage units into man caves, the demand for construction services and products is constantly increasing.

This includes a high demand for wheel stops to protect vehicles and property in all kind of commercial parking situations.

Rubber wheel stops vs concrete wheel stops

Rubber and concrete wheels stops have different uses and advantages. We take a look at the benefits and advantages of both.

Advantages of rubber wheel stops

  • Light, durable and less prone to damage
  • If your vehicle does hit a rubber wheel stop at pace, minimal damage will occur
  • Easy to move
  • Recyclable

Advantages of concrete wheel stops

  • Longer durability
  • Don’t rust or rot.
  • You can reinforce these stops for more rigorous requirements.

Disadvantages of concrete wheel stops

Concrete stops are often manufactured higher than the recognised Australian Standards, which can cause damage to your car, especially if you drive a modern vehicle.

Australian standards for wheel stops

All wheel stops, whether concrete or rubber, must adhere to all Australian standards.

At Bollard Shop, we take the time to assess your needs, ensuring that you walk away with a product that meets all your requirements. If you are looking for specialist high-quality products, you can buy wheel stops online right here. Just select your product, add to your shopping cart and you’re good to go, and stop, safely. Alternatively, if you live in Brisbane or Sydney, visit our store where we stock one of the largest collections of wheel stops in the city.

Contact Bollard Shop in Brisbane or Sydney for all your wheel stop requirements, as well as a wide range of safety equipment.

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