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Speed Humps Plastic/Rubber/Metal

Use traffic barriers to keep vehicles and pedestrians in line. Contact the Bollard Shop today to view our stock.

Speed humps provide a traditional traffic calming solution for areas where speed is a major concern. Bollard Shop offers a range of speed humps for sale, each of which are priced according to size and material.

We supply and install our unique rubber and steel speed bumps across Western Australia. These products are gaining popularity with commercial and residential clients, who see it as the best alternative to conventional concrete and asphalt options.

Unlike the concrete bumps, rubber and metal speed humps come in a variety of dimensions, heights and designs. We always strive to find the ideal solution to suit your safety requirements; no matter your location or setting, our products won’t look out of place.

Ideal for use in: Office car parks Schools, Shopping centres, Lane ways, Council areas, Mine sites, Residential units, Loading bays, Airports Bends

Choose your preferred products from our lightweight humps to heavy duty bumps, each of which are extremely effective in slowing down all forms of light and heavy traffic. The effects of installing rubber or metal speed bumps is an overall sense of safety and satisfaction amongst neighbours and the general public due to the reduction in pedestrian and traffic accidents.

Quick and easy installation

Rubber and metal speed humps are drilled into the concrete, asphalt or bitumen, and they’re immediately ready to be put to work; unlike concrete or asphalt bumps, which need several hours to dry and harden.

Designed and engineered to handle excess weight, our products can easily bear the loads of large vehicles such as overloaded trucks.


  • Reduces the speed in cars driving past schools, across car parks or any space with pedestrian traffic
  • Uniquely shaped, they cause no damage to vehicles, they just slow them down
  • High visibility during the day and night
  • Durable – can withstand high traffic volume for many years
  • Rubberised bumps are low noise; ideal for residential areas

Types of speed humpsTemporary speed humps

With no drilling or mounting hardware required, removable speed bumps remain flexible in cold conditions and retain their shape in extreme heat. They can be placed anywhere for temporary use at events or functions that call for slower traffic and pedestrian diversion.

Rubber speed humps

Rubber speed humps are made from a natural and durable material that gives the product added longevity. Available in 350mm, 375mm and 900mm yellow or black options, our rubberised selection come in rounded end and middle flattened designs available in various dimensions. Finished off with high-vis strips, they’re easily visible at night and are suitable for lightweight and heavy duty conditions.

Metal speed humps

Moulded from a super strong steel material, metal speed bumps are engineered to withstand high impacts. Each one is powder coated with black and yellow high-vis stripes and rounded off on either end with rubber caps for additional structure and strength. Chemically treated to prevent corrosion, the steel requires minimal maintenance in even the harshest weather.

Speak to someone today about installing durable speed humps; the ideal traffic calming solution. Call us today on 1300 766 003.