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Stay safe with reflective tape

If you’re concerned about the safety of your kids while they ride their bikes; have an upcoming marathon or maybe you’ve bought a trailer and require something to make it stand out to other drivers, then you need reflective tape.

Keep everyone safe and visible with safety tape designed to act as a hi-visibility warning signal. Used across the world and throughout all kinds of industries, this ubiquitous safety product will reflect even the lowest light, making it highly visible from a close or far distance.

Since 2001, Bollard Shop has provided clients throughout Western Australia with hi-vis red reflective bollard and safety tape. Our 200mm Class 1 tape is certified according to Australian safety regulations and is used to improve workplace and personal safety.

Industry support

Favoured by industries operating above and below ground, and out at sea, reflective tapes are used extensively in:

  • Emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire engines and police
  • Traffic response vehicles
  • As barricade tape to cordon off areas in emergencies
  • Trucks and trailers for private and commercial use, keeping drivers and passengers safe
  • Underground mines, and in heated tunnels and shafts to safely guide mining staff
  • Workplace vehicles, school buses, airport-runner vehicles and motorbikes
  • No-go zones on site or in medical labs and hospitals
  • Can be applied to work-wear for added safety in dark conditions

This essential safety product is available as rolls of tape or cut-to-size stickers, which are stuck to walls, ceilings and floors of warehouses, office stairwells and railings. Reflective tape makes every surface visible in all types of conditions.


  • Reduces bumper bashings, pedestrian accidents
  • Simple peel off backing and immediately apply
  • Can be applied to new and used safety products such as bollards and traffic cones
  • Available in red – the preferred high visibility colour
  • Can be used indoors, outdoors, underground and under water


Designed to withstand even the harshest outdoor and indoor conditions, the excellent adhesion quality is a feat of industrial engineering. High visibility tape is durable enough to withstand high impacts, extreme hot and cold conditions, and is water and dirt resistant. Edged and sealed for durability and prolonged performance, red tape retains its reflective properties throughout its lifespan.

Made with multiple layers of material that are laminated and bonded into one thick strip of film. The high visibility property stems from the fluorescent colours which are made from engineer-graded glass beads. The beads are layered in a honeycomb pattern, which is imbedded between acrylic or polyester film.

Keep your staff and family safe with reflective safety tape from Bollard Shop. Contact us today for assistance.

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