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Corner Guards

Don’t open your walls to damage from vehicles. Install column protectors.

Corner guards are an excellent form of protection for columns and pillars in car parks, warehouses, factories, and around building corners where traffic is high. Constructed from high-impact resistant rubber, our corner guards will help prevent costly damage caused by vehicles colliding with walls or pillars in tight spaces. They also provide maximum visibility, with reflective black and yellow stripes. To place an order, contact The Bollard Shop today.

Our guards are 8mm thick and 100mm x 100mm x 800mm long, with four bands of reflective tape.

Corner guards are made of tough, impact resistant rubber and PVC. They are designed to protect the column structures and provide maximum visibility with their black and yellow reflective stripes. These rubber buffers are ideally placed at exit/entry areas with high exposure to vehicles and warehouse equipment.

Designed to fold over the edges of columns and pillars, they are ideal for use in the car parks of hospitals, office blocks, laboratories, hotels, schools and sports stadiums.

Importance of corner protectors

Wall corner protector are highly visible and can help you avoid damaging your car while navigating in and around car parks. Each protector has a strong self-adhesive back, that can be stuck to any right-angled section of wall or corner.

Maximum protection from reliable suppliers

Our rubber corner guards offer maximum impact protection for columns and pillars in loading docks, warehouses, garages or offices. Choose our high impact rubber guards for flexibility and durability.

From pillars in car parks, entrances and exits to warehouses and factories, maximum protection is needed to reduce damage from vehicle impacts. Bollard Shop offers high-quality corner edge protectors that will protect patrons’ or service vehicles while retaining the structural integrity of your docking bays and parking lots.

Contact us today to secure corner edges for your business.

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