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Convex Mirrors in Sydney & Brisbane

Safety & security convex mirrors

A convex mirror, also known as a fish eye mirror or diverging mirror, is a curved mirror with the reflective surface bulging toward the light source. These mirrors reflect light outwards and cannot be used to focus light. They are most commonly used on vehicles and for blind spots for drivers leaving a parking space or entering a road when their line of sight is obstructed. They are also used in retail stores to keep an eye on shoppers and help prevent any theft. In addition, you’ll find them in many warehouses to keep an eye on employees. Talk to our Sydney and Brisbane specialists and order yours today.

Why are convex mirrors used in cars?
Convex mirrors tend to give a compressed view, as opposed to a flat view. This means more imagery can fit onto the mirror, resulting in a larger field of view than a plane mirror. They are most commonly used whenever a mirror with a large field of view is needed. E.g. all side rear view mirrors on a car are convex.

Uses for convex mirrors used in everyday life?
• Used in reflecting telescopes
• Microwave dishes
• Surveillance in retail stores
• Traffic safety
• Parking garages
• ATM security

Portable inspection mirrors are often used on an extended stick for checking under vehicles at sensitive or protected sites. They are widely used by the military and security personnel.

Convex lenses in sunglasses help to reflect the light away from the wearer.

Convex mirrors can be used indoors and out, and their durability means they can withstand most weather conditions.

Street light reflectors
By using convex mirrors as street light reflectors, the light is spread over a larger area.

Why convex mirrors?
Convex mirrors are more expensive than flat mirrors, but they are still fitted onto most vehicles. The reason is they are more effective, providing for additional safety for the driver.

Low maintenance
Security convex mirrors require very little maintenance and are operational 24 hours a day. The only problem is you need someone to be watching the mirror in order to make them effective.

Different types of convex lenses
• Glass is your main type of material used in mirrors, but is by no means the only one.
• Acrylic is often used and is tougher than glass
• Duramir is one of the strongest of all materials and is virtually unbreakable.
• Stainless steel lenses are easily the most durable of security mirror lenses and can basically withstand any punishment you might throw at it.

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