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Decorative and functional bollards

What is a bollard?
A bollard is a short post used to direct/calm traffic and protect a site from vehicle intrusions. Bollards are hardy and reliable and can withstand significant vehicle impacts; but they also make for great decorative pieces and visual barriers. Next time you’re driving or walking around Brisbane or Sydney, pay attention to the humble bollard, which you will now notice everywhere you go.

Most people never notice them or even know what they are called. But bollards play an indispensable role in our safety and security. Whether it’s for demarcating areas, preventing unauthorised entry or lighting up public spaces. Read on to find out more about the uses of bollards.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, old cannons were used as bollards to secure ships on quaysides. In the 19th century, custom-built wooden posts replaced these canons although their design was still based on the cannon.

What bollards are made of
Most bollards are made from industrial strength steel and are often reinforced with concrete. There is also a range of bollards which are made from synthetic plastic or rubber, providing them with flexibility, and the ability to bend 90 degrees when struck, returning to their original position thereafter.

Uses for bollards
The bollard was originally used to moor ships to the quayside, but has since evolved to become a versatile safety tool used in multiple situations.

Other uses:
• Calm traffic in specific areas
• Light up dark areas at night like walkways
• Control access
• Decorative and promotional
• Protect sensitive or vulnerable sites
• Pedestrian safety
• Bike parking
• Construction sites

Different types of bollards:
• Marine
• Traffic
• Solar powered lights
• Bell
• Removable

Decorative bollards for promotional use
While bollards are generally unobtrusive, they have the potential to be an effective marketing tool or decorative piece. Bollards can be decorated in your corporate colours and logos, or can be decorated into minions or other characters just for fun. This makes them aesthetically pleasing without taking away from their functionality.

What are pipe bollards?
Steel pipe bollards are used to protect pedestrians, buildings and equipment, in particular from vehicle or forklift collisions. Pipe bollards are often used for storefronts, parking lots, machinery protection, on-site plant protection or any traffic-sensitive area.

Fixed bollards
Fixed bollards are permanent fixtures that cannot be easily removed or relocated.

Removable bollards
These are installed at ground level and can fold down completely flat to allow authorised vehicles to pass. They usually contain some sort of security mechanism like a padlock to ensure they are not lowered without the required permission.

If you require any type of bollard in Brisbane or Sydney, contact us today. We are your local bollard specialists.

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